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We have hundreds of UK customers with “our” electric blinds shading their homes, you see our electric window treatments are some of the cheapest in the UK. Our remote control blinds are not only made for your convenience they are also cost effective, we can supply motorised blinds of all kinds and even sell Silent Gliss remote control curtains. We are one of the few electric blinds suppliers operating throughout the entire UK, from electric blinds for skylights to blinds for conservatories we can help.

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If you need blinds to go in a home, conservatory or also an office we have some amazing offers, we can supply electric wood blinds, roller shades, vertical, pleated, roman and blackout blinds. We offer a free fitting service and also offer a “no cost” price quotation, our prices can be compared with other companies as soon as we have given you a quotation. The main question our customers have is “how much do electric blinds cost?” this can quickly be answered via our online tool or by calling us for free on 0800 – 141 28 30, either method will give you the prices of both are battery and mains powered electric blinds. Oh and if you need app controlled blinds, we offer somfy motors that can be operated via tablet or mobile phone.

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Electric blinds are the first step towards a smart home, one that the future surely envisions. It is something you can see in movies and in technological predictions of what the world will evolve into. All that is smart and future-oriented does nothing but to add value to your home. And this is exactly what we have in mind for you.

Electrically operated blinds are better controlled through remotes or an automatic timer, thus making sure not only that they are opened and closed correctly, which ensures a longer life for your blinds and saves heat, but also that they are easily adjusted, easing up the boring task which can take from your precious time. We also dedicate a special attention to those who are older or disabled and for which, simple, common tasks like operating their blinds, could be quite difficult. Therefore, we see the need to upgrade as more than a luxury. We see it as an intelligent investment in the future of your home and, consequently, your future.

Electric Window Blinds for Domestic and Commercial Premises

But our products do not target only apartments and houses; they also target office buildings, home cinemas and all the other types of rooms that need different shading solutions. A window next to your new home cinema needs to have properly adjustable blinds in order to offer you and your guests a unique experience, one that will emulate the feeling of watching the movie in a real cinema. For this purpose, our custom made motorised and automated blinds are the perfect option.

Difficult-to-reach windows, large ones, as well as rooms with multiple windows are also our targets. Think only of the time it would take you to properly adjust the blinds in such cases. Our products are made to measure your expectations. And we personally take care of that. We dispatch a team in any part of the UK to take all the measurements, free of charge, and we take care of all the deliveries, directly from manufacturers, all over the country. We take care of measurement, making, fitting and programming electric blinds according to your needs and requirements, so that you enjoy one great experience. We act upon the thinking that our client is the most important, and satisfying his/her needs is a priority for us.

Electrically powered blinds can speed up the opening and retraction process, thus giving you also a feeling of something new, something better in your house, an improvement which will surely please your guests and make them feel more at home. In the office, this option will ensure your working time is efficiently spent on tasks that need your attention. Imagine that with one single push, from a remote that you can keep next to you, you improve not only your working time, but also your image as a company. It is not only about the small picture, it is about the global one, as well as about creating the perfect environment for work.

From our range of electric and motorised blinds you can pick roller blinds, wooden, Venetian, vertical blinds, but we also make roof blinds. Our blinds come in a vast selection of colours and can be personalised according to your style and your home, therefore enhancing an interior aesthetics which will be not only perfectly serviceable, but also unique for each home. We provide blinds ready to install, according to your measurements, and we assure you that the top and bottom positions are easily adjusted to fit the entire set of roller blinds and to create perfection for you. And do not worry, as our blinds come with battery powered motors, and with numerous remote control selections.

You can also choose wood blinds, which have pre-programmed slat rotations, manufactured, as well, with included motors, powered by batteries or, if you desire it, with mains adaptors. Nonetheless, they include countless wireless remote control choices, personalized according to your needs.
Of course, perhaps, the widely chosen option are the Venetian blinds, which use a battery-powered motor, and a wireless remote, letting you adjust the slats to your desired angle, displaying traditional lift cords, on either the left or the right side of the blind, according to your desire and the design of your home and window.

However, the most encountered option are the vertical blinds, providing 180 degrees louvre rotations through traditional draw cords, situated on either the left or the right side of the blind. And we tell you not to worry about the batteries, as they can all be recharged. We would also like to assure you that the products we offer are designed to prolong the life of your batteries, up until an average of 12 months, in case of daily use.

Now, you are probably still asking yourself why upgrade your blinds to the electric powering, and you might perceive this option more like a luxury than a necessity. Well, besides the aforementioned benefits, of taking a daily routine and making it simple and effortless, we can assure you that operating your blinds with only one button will only bring smiles on your face. Besides, if you cannot still get used to the idea of a remote, we can always provide you a wall switch which will surely fit your interior design and can be hid from view if necessary. Plus, you can choose between having one switch for all the blinds, and one panel switch to control all the blinds in the house.

If security is your number one concern, then do not worry, as we have the perfect solution: a timer for your blinds. We can set them to automatically close when you leave home, to open when a fire or security alarm occurs, or even to respond to text messages, calls or e-mails.

We can install remote manoeuvred electric blinds on any kind of window: large, out of reach, multiple adjacent ones, save you time, effort and money, so go ahead and contact us and let us make your life easier!

How much do motorized electric electric blinds cost? our window blind prices for skylights, bifold doors and our electric vertical conservatory blinds can be obtained by calling 0800 1412830.