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With our automatic roof blinds we can help you control day and night with one click! Forget about cranks and straps, just push the button!

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The blinds have made a quantum leap in time! With our home automation systems, you are free from the daily chore of manually adjusting your blinds. Discover all the innovations that will change your conception of blinds and roof blinds. If you want to give automatic blinds a chance, nothing requires that you limit yourself to one particular type of component. The engine is now compatible with the majority of models on our products list: roller, sliding, casement, etc. You just have to make your choice.

Thus, you can ask for rolling blinds with moving blades to enjoy both protection from the sunlight and good ventilation. Or, you can go for aluminum blinds for their high strength, and full motorization! For automatic roof blinds, there are again several choices available: blackout blinds, simple blackout day/night or solar blinds. This innovative option offers all the advantages of the engines, without any additional energy expenditure.

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The Home Automation Revolution

All these blinds have individual automatic opening, but they are also compatible with other systems. This innovative home automation solution allows the remote controlled opening and closing of all your components (and also of your garage door, kitchen, bathroom, your heating, your alarm, etc).
When you are away from home, you order the closing of the blinds from your smart phone to ward off lightning. You can also activate the heat control option to make sure you find a comfortable temperature upon your arrival.

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The Automatic Roof Blinds: Perfect for Your Bedroom

The roller blind is designed for any type of house and it is manufactured from market leading materials. It ensures total darkness with the push of a button. These automatic roof blinds are perfect for bedrooms. They are usually associated with blackout fabric for 100% total darkness

The blackout fabric has the potential to prevent the light from entering any space, making a smart choice in terms of decoration and intimacy also. The outside color is usually white in order to prevent overheating, but it has the same blackout ability as the black fabric: transmission of light – low, transmission of vision – opaque, thermal protection against heat – efficient absorption, 10 interior colors available.

The dimensions are those of the “clear glass” or glass surface. The upper chamber is of 42 mm x 55 mm, the bar load and side profiles are made of aluminum lacquered white or brown. Blackout fabrics are made of polyester or fireproof fiberglass and are kept behind the scenes. You can maneuver “all on / all off” using the PVC handle with automatic locking.
Why Work with Us?

We are a British commercial company producing interior and exterior blinds made entirely and exclusively from customized materials, with years of experience in our country, in a region that is the ideal laboratory for research in all sunlight related matters.

We are the market leader in the field of automatic roof blinds and not only. Our products are tailored from carefully selected components, rapidly delivered and accompanied by prompt and professional customer services. If we manage to draw your attention, you can always contact us and ask for a quote or for one of our teams to visit you at home and measure your windows for made to measure blinds.

We encourage you to compare our automated roof blinds with any other similar products on the market, our competitive prices with any other price offers you can find, and our client oriented services with those of any other company you come across.

We do prefer direct contact in order to understand your needs better and to be able to provide the support and assistance you need in choosing and ordering your blinds, but we will do our best to answer your requests online, by email or over the phone if that is what you wish.

Our automatic roof blinds are accompanied by considerable warranty for the parts and labor, and the installation is ensured by highly trained and experienced technicians. All of our products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects. The warranty however does not apply if the malfunction results from the improper installation (in case you decide to install the blinds yourself or have them installed by a third party) or in case of improper use. In all cases, the return of the product remains the responsibility of the customer.

Carefully choose the colors and fabrics for blades that stock-out, are unique or subject to special deliveries. The average processing time of your automated roof blinds order may take, in this case, up to several days. Our deliveries throughout the UK are ensured with resistant packaging and are entrusted to a professional national carrier. Our prices vary depending on the order’s particularities, but, as you will soon discover on your own, we have the best prices on the market.

You can use our online calculator for an estimation of your programmable roof blinds value, but be warned that differences may appear, depending on the measurements, the operating system and other particularities. With the online calculator and taking advantage of our budget prices, you will most certainly be able to find the one model that will answer your needs and match your expectations. And do not worry! Although differences between the online calculations and the actual value of your order may appear, they will be presented to you explicitly, before signing any contracts, and no pressure will be applied from our part.

We are here to help you make the best decisions, to provide all the information and technical assistance you need, but we will never keep things away from you or push you into ordering products you are not satisfied with. No matter if you wish to order our automatic roof blinds or some other custom made products, you can count on excellent prices, high quality and fashionable materials, perfect dimensions to fit your windows, timely and reliable technical support, delivery and installation.

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