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Battery powered blinds are the fashion today when it comes to modernizing your windows. And they are even simpler to use, as the function of this type of blinds is to tilt slats open or closed, by pressing one of the two buttons, “up” and “down”. The good news is that you can apply this mechanism to one window, or to a group of window coverings, even in several rooms. What better way to outfit your home, than to upgrade your blinds?

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Our company offers a wide range of options for your windows. We focus on providing wireless battery-operated controls, but can also provide a plug-in system, if that is our customers’ desire and, it better fits the place. Our wall switches come with individual and group operation capability, in order to make it easier for you to operate multiple shades, not just in your home, but mostly in huge places, such as office buildings, hotels, schools, etc. This luxury of comfort is available with only one click, at an affordable price, all over the UK.

Our wireless controlled electric blinds use a radio frequency technology, which means you do not need to aim the remote. You can sit on your couch, at the table, at your desk and you do not even need to move in order to operate your blinds. We provide you the best possible choices because we know “time is money” and we value the time of our clients. With our technology, you can read, eat, work, relax and take care of all the other details that are of real importance in your life, while we ensure that such boring activities like operating your blinds become simple, normal, daily tasks.
This option is a very viable one also for those of our clients which are disabled or old, as we know that they, sometimes, do not open or close their blinds for a long period of time, because they find them hard to reach. And this is not good, since not closing or opening your blinds does not only affect the life of your coverings, but can also have consequences on your house and health. This option is perfectly suited for disable customers, as it transforms a quite hard operation into an easy one.

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Correspondingly, we know security is an important matter in each one’s lives, be it home security or business security, so we have thought in advance about it. We also include an optional wireless timer switch, that can be set to close your blinds when you are not home or at work, and can be set to open when you arrive at home or work, therefore taking such boring task out of your hands. And if you ask yourself what happens if you are late and the timer operates as commanded, we assure you there is no need to worry. Our products can operate on call or text messages, in order to adjust your blinds according to your needs.

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And, although we have budget prices for every pocket, it does not mean we neglect quality. We can provide premium long-lasting battery technology, with a lifespan of 3 or more years of service, before it needs replacement. And we include an advantageous offer regarding the warranty, based on the blind options and your preferences, which could reach up to 5 years on motors and controls, in addition to the warranty that concerns the shades.

With our battery powered motors you can easily enjoy your time at either home or the office, at any time of the day, without worrying about such daily activities, while also taking care of the energy transmission through the windows and receiving the right amount of sunlight. Since the sun can be both a friend and an enemy, our products benefit from timers, thus allowing you to program when to open and close your blinds. Also, you have the option to close only certain blinds, such as the ones facing the sun in the hottest part of the day, while keeping the other ones open.
We also know that buildings nowadays have multiple rooms or high windows, consequently making it even harder to operate your blinds. This is why we stress upon the installation of remote controlled blinds, because we know how frustrating it is to constantly pull the manual cords to open and close your window shades. Besides the optimization of your time, you can also get the “wow” effect, as your new blinds can impress your guests and your business partners and delegations.

If you are still asking yourself why you should upgrade to battery operated blinds, we can still mention countless features that make them a perfect choice. But, we will let you discover that, while we would like to only underline the lack of noise, as they are barely audible when you operate them, better holding the place of your old blinds through the fact that there are no slat roll-backs and their movement stops when they are completely closed or opened. Plus, if you are worried about additional manufacturing time, we assure you it is not necessary, just like there is no need for tilt wands or cord punches.

And, perhaps, the best part, as we see it, is the remote control, whose signal cannot be easily jammed, and it can even contain one button whose push opens or closes the blinds. Cellular and horizontal sheers, slats on wood, etc., they can all be operated by a remote control, and do not require any extensive installation. Furthermore, if you have children and you are concerned with their safety, then the remote operated blinds are the perfect solution for you, as children will find no blind cords to play with, and will mostly not open your remote and play with the batteries, while putting themselves in a dangerous position.

We are sure we have something in our range of products which is compatible with each of our customers and we assure you will not regret upgrading to battery powered blinds.

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