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There are many people for whom technical progress is important under every aspect, even or especially when it comes to everyday life, and for them, having their windows equipped with custom made electric blinds becomes a necessity.

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Made to order Electric Blinds – Are They Effective?

To answer this question, frequently asked by those who are not completely convinced of the utility of such shading solutions, let us first imagine some real life scenarios.

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You are at the office, busy with some important project, when, suddenly, the sunlight invades the room, and the glare becomes very upsetting. Your normal reaction is to leave the computer and go to the window, to adjust the manually operated blind. This way, you waste precious time.

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If the windows of your office are shaded by some custom made electric blinds, the situation changes completely. With a simple turn of a switch, or a push of the remote control’s button, the problem is solved instantly. There is no need for endless manual work, pulling cords or handling sticks.

There are also many elderly or disabled people who encounter difficulties in moving without help. For them, the motorized blinds are also the best solution to keep the bothering sun glare away.

Many say that this window treatment is more expensive than the regular, manually operated blinds. It is true, without any doubt, but when you start and count the benefits of the custom made electric blinds, the inconvenient of the higher price is successfully surpassed. Besides, there are many companies that produce and sell these products, leading to a high competition level.

Given this aspect, these firms are interested in keeping low prices, to attract more customers. In fact, in the past few years, the new and innovative techniques used allowed these companies to diminish the production costs, without affecting the quality of the blinds. As a result, more people became interested in these easy to handle shading solutions, and preferred them instead of the manually operated ones.

Motorized Blinds – Where You Can Find the Best Custom Made Electric Blinds

In the UK, as everywhere in the world lately, there are many companies that produce, supply and sell electric blinds. Motorized Blinds is one of the most reputable among them. We can supply different varieties of shading solutions, at accessible prices. Fitted roman blinds, fitted venetian blinds or pleated blinds, they are all here.

Besides, if the rich diversity of custom made electric blinds offered does not satisfy your requirements, we can also carry out any type of made to measure window treatments. All you have to do is to call us, and our employees will arrive in the shortest possible time at your doorstep, no matter in which part of the country you live. And the best part is that this service is provided absolutely free of charge.

Because nowadays the internet became an important part of our everyday life, you can also find us online. Visiting our website, motorizedblinds.co.uk, the current and future clients of the company can find out everything they want to know about the latest available models of custom made powered blinds and their prices.

Besides, we also provide free quotations and price calculation methods. This way, the client can make an accurate image that will help him\her a lot when it comes to constructing a budget for interior decorations and window treatment. However, we source all the materials only directly from the manufacturers, so, the prices of the products are more than accessible, so you do not have to worry about this aspect.

Custom Made Electric Blinds -Why Should You Buy Them?

When we decide to make an important purchase for our home, there are multiple reasons for that, not just our preferences. Of course, they should always be an important aspect, but the item we buy must also serve its designated purpose properly. Well, that is exactly how things work in case of the electric blinds, which are both useful and attractive.

First of all, it is already established that they are extremely easy to handle. For a precise adjustment, all you need to do is to simply push a button or turn a switch.

Sometimes, even this little effort is eliminated. It is the case of programmable automated blinds, which are designed to adjust themselves, without any other outside intervention. All you have to do is to program the custom made electric blinds to raise or pull down at a certain moment, and then forget about it. They will do the rest of the job without being necessary to have a person present in the room.

Besides ensuring an efficient light control, they have also a temperature control function. This is best observed during the cold season. When using RC blinds, a lot of heat loss is prevented, reducing the heating cost in a significant way. In the summer, the automatic blinds not only block the upsetting glare and excessive sunlight, but also reduce the inside temperature, cooling the room in a refreshing way.

There is an amazingly great variety of custom made electric blinds available. They use different operating systems, which have an important thing in common: they are easy to handle by anyone. There are also radio controlled blinds, pre-programmed blinds, infra red controlled, and many more types, designed to make our life easier.

Thanks to this, there are a lot of places in which the electric blinds prove their great effectiveness. We can use them to shade every room in the house, starting with the living room, and ending with the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Not only regular homes enjoy the efficient light protection provided, but also countless other premises, such as offices, schools or hotels.

They are not only practical, but they also provide a touch of luxury and style to the place where they are installed. The diversity of colours and models are just another reason that makes these window treatments so popular.

For the presented reasons and not only, offer the rooms in your home the opportunity to look great and be better protected against the effects of the sunrays by purchasing custom made electric blinds.

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