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If you are looking for the best way to protect your home from the sunlight and sun glare, the most efficient way to do it is by installing electric blinds UK to your windows. Unlike the traditional, manually operated blinds, which can sometimes be dangerous to small children and pets because of the cords used to manoeuvre them, the custom made, automated electric blinds are completely hassle free, and a sheer delight to use.

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We are among the top companies in the UK that supply electrically powered blinds. If you are looking for modern automated blinds to fit your home design, or any kind of space that needs shading, then you are sure to find a solution in our collection of electric blinds. We are here to provide you with some of the greatest systems, available in a variety of shapes, sizes and models.

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Due to our unbeatable small prices, a website that we strive to keep permanently updated for your leisure, and a wide range of custom made blinds to choose from, you are sure to find here what you are looking for. Our electric blinds UK team of specialists are pleased to give you our best quotations, and to assist you in finding the most suitable blinds for your home.

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Our offer includes a wide range of electric window blinds that fit any kind of premises, such as schools, restaurants, hotels, offices and commercial buildings. If you need proper shading for your orangery or conservatory and worry that because of the large window areas and high roofs you will not be able to find perfectly fitted blinds, rest assured. Our electrically powered blinds are adapted to fit any shape and size of windows.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Electric Blinds?

Eclectically operated blinds are the hi-tech accessories that will offer you comfort and protection for your windows the year round, regardless of the season. Being attached to a silent power motor, they are noiseless, safe and easy to manoeuvre by remote controls and wall switches. You can also use a computerized timer to raise or lower the level of the shades.

Our automatic blinds have light and temperature sensors that cause the blinds to react when the room gets too hot. If the sun shines too much, causing temperature to increase beyond a pre-programmed value, the control system will instantly lower the blinds.

For your privacy, you can program a timer unit to open or close the blinds at specific times of day. This feature is a great feature for safety reasons also, as it helps maintain the impression that somebody is always at home.

Another benefit that comes from installing electric blinds is the fact that you are always sure to find the perfect fit for your windows. The flexibility of motorized blinds makes them very popular for use in office tower locations, in board rooms, conference rooms and corporate facilities that need custom made shades for their windows. This benefit is of key importance both for public buildings and large houses.

What Sort of Electric Blinds does our UK company make Available For You?

From standard office electric blinds to blinds for multiple adjacent windows, we have a solution for everything. Our UK company specialises in all types of electric blinds, such as roller blinds, venetian blinds, wooden blinds, blackout blinds, vertical blinds, pleated blinds, roof blinds or curtains.

Because there is an increasing demand on electric blinds systems that play a dual role, of light-filtering and completely blacking out a room, our offer includes number of premium products that will easily fulfil both functions.

Our Blackout roller blinds provide the ultimate level of privacy by filtering light for your office or home. You can blackout your room anytime you want, for purposes such as audio visual presentations in offices or for home entertainment systems. This type of window shades is highly recommended for bedrooms and offices, and, like any of our offers, it comes at very competitive prices.

A Few Technical Features of Our Blinds

Electric blinds have different functions, sensors or timers, and several control options: infra red, radio and automatic.

Shades controlled by infra red are designed for large home projects, and are equipped with either wired or wireless controls. In the case of older buildings or homes with limited wiring capabilities, the blinds can also be operated through radio systems. This type of blinds offers complete wireless control, which makes them eligible for elderly or disabled people. The automatic system allows you control the blinds by integrating their system into other home automation systems.

What Can We Do To Help You Find the Electric Blinds You Need?

Featuring mains voltage, low voltage and battery operated solutions for your blinds to be move at the touch of a button, our electric blinds UK offer strives to cover all your home necessities. The materials we used offer ultra violet and heat protection, in addition to blocking sunlight and filtering sun rays.
The best thing is that you can get all the benefits we mentioned and more for very competitive prices. How are we able to do that? It is simple: we cut down the middleman.

All the materials we use come straight from manufacturers, which eliminates the costs of intermediaries and other expenses. We also guarantee free measurements of your windows so you can be sure of a perfect fit for all your needs. In addition to that, our offer includes discount prices when ordering several products from our company, and this will save you money as well.

If you need more information, you are welcome to give us a call or contact us via email. Our team of specialists is ready to help you choose the most appropriate electric blinds for any type of premises and to discuss with you the price and payment plan.

Check out our website for our practically limitless variety of interior and exterior window shading systems when you are deciding to go for electric blinds in the UK!

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