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Discrete solutions for modern interiors still make a fantastic impression among customers, and this can be easily seen in the large offer of electric pleated blinds online. Electric pleated blinds are the best of what you can get out of a window dressing solution. They are able to provide an attractive finish that ingeniously suits traditional and contemporary interiors. If you are looking for discreet, sleek, simple and yet practical window shading solutions, electric pleated blinds are the most convenient option. Unlike any other kind of blinds, pleated blinds can be used throughout the home without seeming inappropriate. Hence, they are ideal for people that want to have the same style of window shades in all of the rooms.

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If you are trying to add some interesting textures and patterns to your windows, take a look at our magnificent electric pleated blinds collection. Our target is to offer a large and varied palette, because we encourage our customers to customize their interiors and make them fit their individual taste. Furthermore, we also supply you with a wide range of fabrics, all of which have a suitable backing to maintain a cool, comfortable temperature in your home during the hot days of summer, and to offer optimum insulation, restraining the heat during the frostiness of winter.

The use of electric pleated blinds extends to any areas where there are many windows displayed. However, pleated blinds are mostly used in conservatories, due to their excellent properties in boosting the comfort level. Basically, you can say that pleated blinds are designed to be used in such spaces, since they can optimize the temperature, reduce glaring effects and provide shade, and reduce the negative impact UV rays have on people exposed to them, and by doing so, they can also protect plants and pieces of furniture. Pleated blinds help to reduce cooling and heating costs, by insulating spaces and protecting them from external heat or cold. They help make the space cosier and more private than ever – complimenting the interior design so much so that they become a style statement.

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Pleated blinds stack neatly, and they come in 2 versions of fabric – standard, single pleat and cellular duet. Single pleat is cheaper than cellular, offering a great quality/price ratio. Still, if you are looking for substantial benefits, cellular blinds are able to provide them.
There is a difference in the way the friction cords run on the blinds. With single pleats, cords run through the pleats, maintaining their angle; so, small holes are required, so that the cords would run through them. On the other hand, to what cellular blinds are concerned, the cords run inside the hexagonal spaces, so no holes or cords are displayed. However, if the fabric is translucent, you will be able to spot the silhouette of the cords.

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Traditional, manual pleated blinds function either on friction operation or on cord lock. Friction operated blinds are ideal to be used in conservatories, since they leave the sill entirely free, so there will be plenty of room for ornaments and photos. Hanging cords are not necessary, because the tension system sustains the blind and prevents it from falling down; within the figure of eight cords, there is a spring that enables the cord to create tension. If you want to move the blind, it will remain where you leave it. However, these types of blinds cannot cover wide spaces, because of the tension which would drop the float rail. So, you will only be able to cover 1.5-meter widths.

Friction operated blinds come in 3 styles – 2 that have the clip sliding between the glass and rubber seal, eliminating the need to drill into frames – this is called the perfect-fit method – and one that has clips fitted onto the frames with the help of screws – which is the spring clip method. The latter style is the cheapest, since it eliminates the need for an additional frame, but perfect-fit is able to minimize light gaps that tend to appear at the side of the blinds, offering better insulation.

Pleated blinds that function on cord lock systems are excellent options when you need to cover several adjacent windows. Controls are usually positioned at either side of the blind, facilitating the access. There is no tension that holds the blinds, so large spaces will not be a problem. When you need to raise or lower the blind, you have to pull the cord towards the centre of the blind, and when you need to lock the blind in place, you have to pull the cord to the exterior. A cleat can be added if there is any excess of cord to be wrapped around.

Modern pleated blinds are electric and only available as free hanging format. They are normally 24 volt and perfect-fit, and are not usually operated with the help of a remote control. Electric pleated blinds would not know how to stop in the lower position if there weren’t a component to count the revolutions until the reaching of the lower stop position. Hence, blinds stop automatically at either ends (top or bottom), but they also can be stopped in between, by setting them with a remote control.

Roof blinds benefit from excellent ease of use if they are remote control operated; their position is tricky and would normally require increased efforts to operate. Furthermore, electrical operation allows you to manipulate individual blinds and groups of blinds. There are plenty of control options: switches, handsets, timers or light sensors.

Being electric blinds suppliers we can supply you with a range of electric pleated blinds that have increased functionality and spectacular styles. Our superior fabrics are resistant to extreme temperatures and fading. We also deliver glare and heat reduction, since we can add a reflective backing or coating to the fibre, which will also protect the blinds from moisture, debris and mildew.

Choose us to offer you the best electric pleated blinds online, for we can provide our full range of services to all areas of the UK.

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