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Electric pleated blinds are an intelligent and affordable alternative to cellular or honeycomb blinds. Their simple texture and their property of stacking neatly when they are raised make them a convenient choice for rooms with modern or minimalist designs, classrooms, institutions, hotels or offices. They are cheap, stylish, easy to maintain and to clean, and they match every type of interior, traditional or contemporary, luxurious or simplistic.

Pleated blinds have a simple operating system, and they are now available in the electrically powered version. Our customers have the possibility of lowering or raising the blinds, adjusting the light or temperature level, setting a time of day when the blinds will be lowered automatically, all that with the help of an electric control system – either a remote control or a wall switch. Most clients prefer having both control options in order to increase their comfort and safety: if you do not want to get out of bed in order to lower the blinds in the morning, you can do that with the help of the remote control. When you don’t have the remote control close to you, you can control the blinds with the help of the wall switch.

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If you have any questions regarding the electric operation system of our remote control pleated blinds, contact us by phone or online, and one of our experts will gladly answer all of your questions. The blinds can be either battery operated, or connected to the electricity system of your house, or to home automation systems. Smaller blinds use 24V of power, while larger blinds need 240 V in order to be controlled. The smallest blinds can be operated with the help of a battery. This is a very convenient option, because house owner do not have to connect the blinds to their electricity system, which can be quite a difficult and time consuming task. If you do not know what kind of electric system to choose, our experts will assist you in making the best decision, considering the dimensions of the windows you want to install blinds on, and, of course, your budget.

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The beauty of pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are made from a single piece of material, usually fabric, that is folded like an accordion, so when you raise the blinds, they stack perfectly and neatly. At the first glance, pleated blinds seem to be very similar to cellular blinds. However, unlike the latter that use two layers of material between which small pockets are created, pleated blinds have a single layer of fabric, and no pockets. Because of this, they offer lower light and temperature control, but they are as aesthetically pleasing as the honeycomb blinds. Their advantage is, obviously, their low cost. They are considerably cheaper than cellular blinds, but they offer the same textured aspect.

The fabrics they are made of can be of the most diverse and luxurious types. You can choose light colours, if you prefer to enjoy some amount of natural light even when the blinds are lowered, or dark colours that offer greater insulation and maintain a constant temperature inside the room. If you prefer complete darkness, you might want to try the blackout pleated blinds. They are made of a fabric with blackout properties, or have blackout lining attached. When you lower the blackout pleated blinds, your room will become perfectly dark, as it were night time.

Depending on the type of fabric you choose for your blinds, you will enjoy more or less natural light when you have them lowered. For example, transparent blinds allow a great amount of light to penetrate through them, while translucent or dim out fabrics allow less light to enter the room.

You can choose whatever colours or patterns you prefer, so you can make sure the blinds will match the design of the room or the purpose for which it has been created. In children’s rooms, you might want to opt for vivid colours, or even funny pattern that will create an amusing atmosphere. Children will feel at ease in this protective environment.

Speaking of children, electrically powered blinds bring increased safety, because they are no longer operated with the help of cords. Cords can dangerous for little children, so, by eliminating them, you also eliminate the risk of accidents.

Electric blinds can increase your safety also, not only your children’s. Thanks to the hi-tech features some blinds present, you can pre-programme an hour of the day or night when the blinds lower or rise automatically. This way, even when you are not at home, the blinds will lower or rise at the specific time of day you have set, giving the impression there is somebody home. This will prevent delinquents from taking advantage of the fact that your house is not protected by a member of the family. But, of course, this setting also offers increased comfort, because the blinds will adjust themselves, without your having to do any effort.

Pleated blinds are a popular choice for living rooms and bedrooms, but most people prefer to install them in kitchens or bathrooms, because they match the simple style of these rooms better. Being so easy to clean and maintain, they are the perfect choice in a kitchen where somebody cooks daily.

They are also great in offices, because they are not very sophisticated. They match, practically, any type of space, be it a living or working space. They are fashionable, and they will never stop being so. Therefore, if you want a set of reliable blinds that will remain stylish for many years to come, pleated blinds might be one of the most appropriate choices, without being expensive.

Check out our offer and you will definitely find a beautiful model of electrically powered pleated blinds to suit your needs. Our company takes pride in satisfying its customers and offering the greatest quality at the smallest prices. Order online, and we will deliver your blinds fast, in any parts of the UK. And in case you are still hesitating, not knowing what type of electric pleated blinds to choose, contact us, and you will receive helpful advice from our professionals.

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