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When it comes to electric roller blinds, UK homeowners can certainly count on a beautiful and luxurious way of decorating their home. If, at first, roller blinds were appreciated for their functionality, nowadays they are also considered stylish.

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The roller blinds have a splendid shading quality and their discretion and easy utilisation have made them really apprised in the UK. Their simple shape and clean drop can give any home a classic, yet modern look.

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We can offer you custom made electrically operated roller blinds, according to the size of your windows and your home’s design. Our company also offers a variety of models, effects, colours or textures to choose from, in order to match your blinds with any room or space.

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The roller blinds UK customers can purchase from us can roll their fabric in two directions: from the front and from the back. Usually, the fabric should roll closer to the window because, this way, it can offer a better coverage against direct sunlight. If the fabric is near the window, then it reels of the back.

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If you prefer to leave some space between the window and the blind, in order to let a little amount of light enter the room, or you need the space just because your windows have bigger handles, we can provide you blinds with reverse roll. This style is also a functional method for Victorian conservatories because, this way, the disruption between the blinds is concealed. If you want the backing of the fabric to be out of sight, then reverse rolling is a very good solution.

However, changing the blinds from one type of drop to the other is manageable so do not be too concerned about this aspect.

Our UK Company offers various power options, such as motorised or battery operated, but either way, they are silent. Our blinds can be linked to your electrical installation and the integrated motors are able to cover several meters of windows or glass doors. The electric roller blinds are attainable in 240 volt, 24 volt or battery operation. Larger and wider electric blinds will be powered at 240 volt, the medium ones will be powered at 24 volt, and the smaller ones will work with batteries. For automated systems, the 240 volt roller blinds are preferred.  The 24 volt operated blinds can also be used, but they require a radio conversion interface.

When installing electric roller blinds, the weight of the fabric is important, just like the area the blinds are installed on. The width of the electric blind is equal with the width and calibre of the tube that is installed on the wall. If the tube from the wall is smaller and cannot sustain the blind, then, over time, it develops distortions of the fabric. If the blind has a long drop, any cassette option works.

At times, joins may be needed if the fabric roll is not large enough. In order to attain a larger width, several fabrics are bi directional and can be revolved 90 degrees. Even so, the blinds drop depends on the width of the roll, but if necessary, horizontal joins can be used for extension.

“Some” UK customers, can have problems with long drops because the fabric can jump off from one side of the tube. This can be fixed by re-adjusting brackets, or by tabbing, which means placing a piece of fabric under the end of the tube where the material connects, to amplify the diameter and hence balance the fabric.

The electric roller blinds our UK companies offer are blackout, dim out, translucent, or transparent. It all depends on the amount of sunlight or shade you prefer in your home, or you need in an office.

The blackout blinds, demand a special frame work for the sides and sill surfaces. Usually, a channel prominence is used. Sometimes, the blind can be supplied with studs on the sides, in order to protect it when a window is opened, but it is best to avoid them because the fabric can be deformed.

Customers Benefits

Our company provides blinds that you can use by simply activating a button, without having to move from your seat, and, as one of the major electric roller blind uppliers we offer several other benefits too. Our blinds are very useful and a wise solution in case you have large and wide windows that are not easy to reach. Likewise, having this kind of blinds, you can manage the quantity of sunlight entering your house and your privacy, easier and faster than with manual blinds.

Moreover, because of the remote controlled system, anyone can use them, even older or disabled people. Besides, the process is motorised, so the blinds are always used correctly and thereby they last for a longer time. Also, they give your house a keen and fine look.

No matter what room you need roller blinds for, we can fulfill any needs, desires or requirements because we offer you custom made blinds. We have a splendid range of blinds and, by choosing our company, you can add a pleasant and plush look to any space.

After you search for us online, and you decide to work with our company, contact us and we will pay you a visit wherever you are in the UK to measure your windows for the suitable blinds. We provide some of the best looking and reliable electric roller blinds UK market has ever seen. We deliver to all parts of the UK and we have low cost prices because we collaborate directly with the manufacturers.

In addition, the measuring service we offer is free. Contact us if you need blinds for your home or even for larger spaces. We provide keen blinds for homes, offices, schools, hotels and other commercial premises.

Therefore, no matter what kind of blinds you need, we can offer you some great electrically powered models. In terms of roller blinds, UK electric blind suppliers such as ourselves offer some superb solutions!

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