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If you want to combine elegance and style with practical features when it comes to window treatment, then the electric roller blinds are the logical choice. They offer a high level of privacy, keeping away both the indiscreet looks and the annoying glare, offering a new look to the room at the same time.  We offer a custom install service throughout the UK and use parts made by both somfy and other companies, our powered blinds come in both remote control and hard wired versions and there also are options for home automation.

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What to Look for When You Purchase Electric Roller Blinds

Due to their popularity, these window coverings come in many models and are made from all kinds of materials. Every existing type has special features, and you must get information about each of them when you decide to make such a purchase.

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For instance, roller blinds with remote control are great shading solutions for almost any room, except bathrooms and kitchens. The reason for this is that these spaces are more exposed to humidity. Therefore, the fabric from which the electric roller blinds are made can be easily deteriorated by the permanent contact with water and vapors.

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However, remote controlled roller blinds are excellent window coverings for the living room or the bedroom, offering amazing color combinations, and allowing you to design various patterns and themes. From this point of view, you must find electric roller blinds that can integrate into the style of the room, possibly improving it.

The fabric must also be durable, in order to withstand the damaging action of the sunrays and glare. Some of our fabrics even offer protection against the UV rays, which will help protect your furniture, carpets and wall coverings.

In addition, the operating system should not be hard to install. Some varieties of automated blinds, especially the bigger ones that are hard-wired, require professional assistance when installed. If you consider that the installation might be complicated and time-consuming, ask the supplier if he also includes this service in the provided package.

There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, electric blinds suppliers have trained technicians who install the blinds. This means that they offer a superior quality of service. Secondly, in most cases, they also provide a warranty for the installation. Therefore, you can ask them to send one of their teams to solve any problem that may occur after the installation. Moreover, any such intervention is free of charge.

Another aspect that you have to consider when you buy electric window coverings is the other features included. For instance, you can choose between switch controlled, remote controlled and radio controlled blinds. The latter ones can be programmed to function without any outside intervention, once the timer is set. Therefore, even if you go to bed without pulling the electric blinds, the system can do this automatically, thanks to this recent technical wonder.

A few words about negotiation are also worth mentioning. It is not about bargaining for a better price, because this is a fixed one. In reality, it is important to resist the pressure of certain sales persons who work for the blinds suppliers. They are usually trying to charmingly persuade the client to buy expensive products, even if they do not exactly fit the clients’ needs.

One of the things you can do to avoid this situation is to ask for quotations. Thus, you can see if there are available offers that can be more suitable for your needs and your budget. Many people are tempted to buy a certain type of automated blinds, if they think they are offered a discount or a special price for the product they are looking at. Actually, in most cases it is only a way to trick you into buying something that does not fit your desires, your needs or your budget.

You will never have to worry about prices with us, as we source our products straight from the manufacturers, which reduces costs.

Great Things about Roller Blinds

No other type of wireless controlled blinds equals the popularity of the roller blinds as a shading solution. The adjustments are extremely easy to make, and the fabric curtain can be stopped in any position, ensuring a comfortable atmosphere inside the room. That not only keeps the light away, but also creates a very cool and refreshing atmosphere, due to the considerable temperature reduction inside the room.

The blackout option makes them perfect for bedrooms, because the sunrays are totally blocked. People who are working on the night shift appreciate this quality very much, because these blinds create the perfect conditions for a comfortable sleep, even in the middle of a hot summer day.

This feature also recommends the roller blinds with remote control as a perfect shading solution for children’s rooms and nurseries. The little ones need a good quality sleep more than adults do, because it helps them in achieving a harmonious development, both physically and mentally.

The noise that is produced during the manual adjustment of the blind can be very disturbing for children, but the motor of the electrically powered roller blinds runs so quietly, that it almost cannot be heard.

Moreover, the different patterns and models of the fabric contribute to creating a joyful atmosphere inside the room of your child. You can surprise him\her in a nice way, by purchasing roller blinds with a nice floral design or having impressed their favorite cartoon heroes.

In fact, the electrically operated roller blinds are an excellent decorating solution if you are interested in changing something about a room without spending a lot of money in the process. They provide a totally new, delightful and refreshing appearance that is noticed almost instantly.

If you want shutters that meet all your requirements, both practical and aesthetical, visit our company’s store and choose from the superb range of fitted roller blinds available. You can also order them online, in any quantity, because we can supply a large number of blinds for premises such as schools, hotels and many others. We can also deliver them in any part of the country.

Do not waste any more precious time, and visit our website or stores to convince yourself about all the advantages we offer and to buy the electric roller blinds you need from one of the top suppliers in the UK.
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