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In case you need delicate window shading solutions, we can provide you with our superb range of electric roman blinds for sale. You should take your time and check our rich and diverse offer, for we supply some of the most professional window shading solutions at some of the most attractive prices, since we source directly from the manufacturers.

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Roman blinds are versatile window shades, being able to enhance any closed space and to provide privacy and excellent insulation. They are quite similar with roller blinds when they are fully extended, because they also hang flat. However, while roller blinds are rolled up from the top, roman blinds retract in folds or pleats. In order for the folds to be kept levelled, rods are encased in the back of the blinds. Roman blinds have various lengths, making it easier for you to find the perfect fit.

Roman shades are the ideal option for you if you like vivid colours and patterns, but they are also a convenient option if you are looking for neutral tones. These are the kind of window coverings that have a neat and unobtrusive look, adding a stylish touch to hotels or residential spaces. Furthermore, roman blinds are suitable to enhance your kitchen and bathroom because they can also be manufactured from low-maintenance materials. So, when you need blinds for spaces that are rather exposed to dirt or steam, you can rely on roman blinds, as their wipe-clean fabrics are moisture resistant and will look brand new after you clean them a little. Another advantage of this type of blinds is that they leave the sill free, allowing you to store some items on it, because they lie flat against the window when they are fully extended.

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Due to the way they fall on the window, roman blinds can offer a high level of privacy, for your bedroom of bathroom, for example. Furthermore, there are different types of fabrics that work well with roman blinds; they can be manufactured from blackout fabrics, light filtering fabrics or sunscreen fabrics. Blackout fabrics will enable your window shades to block the light coming from the sun almost entirely. Hence, they are ideal choices for bedrooms or theatre rooms, especially since the colour options are basically unlimited.
Light filtering fabrics can create a warm environment, due to the soft light they dissipate into the room. They are ideal for spaces that do not need to be darkened, so you can use them in most of the casual living areas or even in study rooms. However, your view outside will be restricted when you expand your blinds. Sunscreen fabrics, on the other hand, allow you to enjoy the outside vista throughout the day, and, at the same time, they manage direct sunlight and prevent it from blinding your eyes and heating your room.

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Roman blinds are an ideal solution for small spaces, since their discreet and plain style creates the illusion of a spacious area, making the room look airy. Furthermore, roman shades are easy adjustable, so they should be the first option for covering small windows.

While many people choose to have these blinds in their living rooms or bedrooms, because of the sensational effects they are able to create, combining various colours and patterns, roman blinds are also excellent to be used in offices, conservatories or sunrooms, as they are able to offer the privacy such spaces need, at the same time blocking out direct sun light, protecting the inhabitants, but also the plants and expensive pieces of furniture, paintings or decorative objects from the harmful effects of prolonged heat exposure. If you feel you need more light, you can choose shades in pale colours that will let sufficient light pass through, giving the room the warmth and sophistication it needs.

Roman blinds also provide good insulation, keeping heat away in the long days of summer and managing to preserve an optimum temperature inside the house during freezing winters. Our fabrics are resistant to variable temperatures and will not suffer discolorations in time.

Roman blinds are sensational if you want to keep something from that prestigious traditional style and successfully combine it with the most angular and clean-cut modern style. Virtually, there is no end to the creativity you can engage in decorating your home, so that you manage to add that personal touch that keeps you happy and comfortable. Roman shades provide an uncluttered look to the spaces they embellish, since, when they are pulled up they create soft, rectangular pleats, and when they are fully extended they create a unique, smooth effect. Just because of their delicate appearance, they manage to add elegance and style to both formal and informal decors, being recommended by interior designers to be used for both domestic and commercial premises.

Roman blinds are not only practical, but they are also economical ways to dress up your windows, keep you space properly illuminated and properly heated, and add style to any interior. If you appreciate all features that blinds are supposed to have – offering insulation, privacy and allowing you to enjoy the vista – you can choose sunscreen roman blinds as they have all of these features and more.

We have a lot of experience in providing electric blinds to people living in the UK, and our automation systems are some of the best that you can currently find on the market. Having your blinds automated will allow you to control them without any effort, which is highly desirable if you need your blinds to be installed in conservatories or other places with hard to reach windows. Moreover, if you want your roller blinds to be installed in your bedroom, you will be able to enjoy full privacy and comfort with just a touch of a button.

We are reliable suppliers that have a lot of experience and knowledge in this area, and we are also known for the fact that we respect our customers. If you want to see how we do business, check out our exquisite range of electric roman blinds for sale, and we guarantee that you will be impressed.

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