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We have some of the most luxurious and modern electric roman blinds online, and we are proud to supply you with our wide range of products in any part of the UK. We have kept the warm, traditional touch of the fabric, but we have added a modern cut and superior technology that will make your life more pleasant. Our technology allows you to lower and raise the blinds with the help of an easy to use remote control, eliminating the necessity of always getting up from your bed or sofa and pulling a cord when you need to change the lighting. Therefore, we deliver increased comfort and ease of use that will last a generous period of time.

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If you need electric roman blinds, you are probably looking for window shades that can be easily operated, but that also keep the traditional touch of fabric made curtains. Roman shades are beautifully crafted blinds that are made out of various types of fabric (instead of plastic or metal), which allows them to easily fold when they are raised. Due to their appearance, roman blinds are perfect shading solutions for traditionally designed rooms, offering warmth and privacy to spaces that lack the abstract appearance characterizing modernity. Still, the blinds still bring the comfort the modern world has been used to, and they also have the lightness that beautifully complements living spaces.

Roman shades have known some improvements over time, without distancing much from the original design and use, continuing to create warm and friendly environments, as they do not block sunlight entirely. There are two traditional styles of roman blinds: flat and hobbled, the latter one being the most appreciated by our customers and by interior designers, as well. In flat blinds, the fabric remains flat when the blind is unfolded, while in the hobbled (also called teardrops) blinds, the excess of fabric allows for a stylish wave effect.

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This allows for various options in using roman blinds. While flat blinds are excellent in spaces where minimalism and simplicity are key attributes, teardrop blinds complement ample spaces. In addition, flat blinds are preferable in spaces where they may get dirty frequently, as they are easier to clean and maintain than teardrop blinds. We can provide you with both sophisticated teardrops blinds to be used in places such as bedrooms or living rooms, and simple flat blinds that complement offices and schools better, but also kitchens or bathrooms.

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Not only can we provide you with a large volume of blinds if you need them for adding privacy and sobriety to institutions, or adding a plus of style to commercial premises, but we can also provide you with a wide range of fabrics, which will help you find a perfect match for your windows. The most exquisite materials used for roman blinds are cotton, silk, or hemp, which allow an optimum amount of sunlight to enter the room, diffusing it so that it creates intimate lighting that can cover the entire surface of the room. Roman blinds can also be manufactured from synthetic materials, which are preferable in certain environments, where the warm atmosphere is not necessarily needed. We can provide electric roman blinds with different thickness, allowing you to choose the extent to which you want to block sunlight. We can also provide an interesting colour palette, allowing you to make an even more personalized choice.

We are proud to craft our exquisite range of products here in the UK, and sell it at very affordable prices, since we source our components directly from the manufacturers. We pay particular attention to the way we create the lining, side seams and hem of our blinds, which have a meticulous, flawless appearance.

Our electric roman blinds are modern, mood-enhancing and extremely easy to operate. We can offer chic, or plush, classical patterns that compliment various types of interiors and emphasize the personality of the people occupying that space. We have a wide range of products, responding to different needs. You can select our 12v battery powered electric roman blinds for your small windows and our 240v mains powered roman blinds for those large, adjacent windows. Either way, our blinds are characterized by power efficiency and effortless command.

Our blinds can perfectly blend in any environment, and they are designed in various styles that answer to the multitude of modern needs. We provide optimum light blocking properties, optimum patterns and optimum use for different kind of spaces – residential or commercial. You can choose our roman blinds because they easy adapt to the current characteristics of the space you need to enhance, increasing the comfort and well-being of the persons occupying it. They are excellent solutions for rooms where natural light is needed, but they are also useful in rooms that need to remain shaded.

Because of the modern electrical operation, the blinds particularly help elderly people or person who suffer from physical disabilities and reduced mobility, but they also protect playful children, who may otherwise injure themselves or damage the blinds when playing with the cords.

Roman blinds are not characterized by modern looking design, and this is precisely why they remain an excellent choice for common, intimate spaces. We have kept the traditional appearance sought after by families and institutions, but we have also brought ingenious technology to ease the efforts one has to make to keep large spaces properly illuminated and properly cooled, at different times of day.

Our beautiful roman blinds feature temperature control options, which enable you to feel comfortable in your home during all seasons. Furthermore, some of the blinds also feature an automatic timer, enabling you to precisely select the time when your blinds are raised or lowered, offering you full control over privacy, light and temperature. Blinds with temperature control can automatically adjust the sunlight that enters the room, according to the temperature outside and the temperature in the room.

We are proud to be the first choice for so many people looking for electric roman blinds online, whom we supply with fashionable window shading solutions, for intimate places.

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