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If you are looking for good deals for fine electric Venetian blinds online, then you are in the right place. Our range of Venetian blinds is designed to suit all kinds of purposes – for inside or outside; for home, institutions and commercial premises. Quality, superior style and technology are just few of the attributes of our Venetian blinds.

Venetian blinds are quite versatile, since their fancy horizontal design allows for multiple solutions for daylight control and fits various windows styles and sizes. Venetian blinds also allow for a wide range of materials to be used for the slates, creating various effects, and complementing different interiors.

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These blinds are usually manufactured from wood and metal. The quality of the materials guarantees long product life. Depending on the kind of material you opt for, not only the visual effects, but also the width of the slats will vary. Wooden Venetian blinds are to be found in larger sizes than the metal ones. For wooden blinds, the width of the slats will usually have 3 values: 25mm, 35 mm, or 50 mm. In addition, metal blinds are also to be found in 15 mm width. Blinds with small slat widths are ideal for places that need them to be discreet. You can use them for small windows, in offices or schools. Blinds with large slats are less common.

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There are many benefits that come with purchasing Venetian blinds. Not only are they beautiful and able to excellently enhance modern decors, but they are also excellent in keeping the place shaded. Due to the way the slats are positioned, Venetian blinds have a unique attribute- they allow you to glance outside through the blind, at the same time offering privacy and shading. The only flaw of Venetians is that they have a delicate nature, so they are not quite suitable for places where there are playful children and pets that can damage them. However, if you are looking for delicacy and style and think that you can offer your blinds a safe place to be, Venetians should be your first choice.

We can supply you with electric Venetian-style blinds that are made out of resistant materials, so we can reduce the chances of your blinds getting damaged. Furthermore, since our Venetian models are electrically operated, you will not have to adjust them yourself, but you can do it with the help of a light remote control. This will protect your blinds from getting dirty or damaged, since you will not have to touch them in order to tilt the slats. Furthermore, if you need sturdy window blinds, you can opt for wooden Venetians, as they are more resistant.

Venetian blinds are mounted with the help of swivel clips, but care must be taken to protect the internal components placed within the head rail. You can get to choose from tape or ladder cord. Usually, tape goes with wooden Venetians and ladder cord goes with metal Venetians. In addition, each type of slats that we are able to supply has distinct effects. If you choose sturdy, wooden Venetians, you will get grain textures that can be painted in various shades. Metal Venetians, on the other hand, offer more possibilities – they can deliver any effect, from metallic to wooden, hammered, or perforated. Metallic blinds allow you to choose between patterns and plain effects.

The traditional, manual operation of such blinds was done in the past with the help of the cord lock system, which enabled the raising and lowering of the blinds. A tilt rod was used to tilt the slats at different angles, depending on how much sunlight was needed to enter the room. Additionally, a cleat could help with the excess of cord that needed to be wrapped. Sometimes, when fitting into PVC window frames, blinds with friction operation are used, due to the perfect fit frame. In this situation, the cord lock system and the cleat are eliminated. These Venetians are perfect for small windows, with PVC frames.

As for the more modern remote-control operated Venetians, they also offer various possibilities. You can either choose full electric operation (both the tilt and raise are operated electrically), or partial electric operation (only the tilt is operated electrically, the raise being done through manual cord lock). You can choose Venetians with partial electric operation for when you only need to tilt the blinds, and only occasionally raise them. This type of blinds is usually powered by battery, since little power is required. Therefore, they are easier to use and install, and they are also energy efficient. Hence, these Venetian blinds are lovely budget options. Full electrical operation is possible with 24v or 240v blinds. In this case, one can tilt and raise the blinds as many times as they want. One of the differences between 24v blinds and 240v blinds is that the latter will need a larger head rail, so they are more appropriate for large spaces. The weight of the blinds, as well as the length of the surface they are supposed to cover is quite important in this case.

There is a lot to be said about electric Venetian blinds, as their style is pretty exquisite, especially with the advent of new technologies that enable you to operate them gently and effortlessly. Whatever kind of Venetian blinds you need, in whatever patterns, colours, materials or voltage, we are ready to supply it. Our wide range of Venetian-style blinds is adapted to the necessities of various types of interiors.

We are among the best electric blind providers that you can find in the UK, and we can offer you some truly intelligent and efficient systems. Our superior technology will allow for a flawless functioning of your blinds, and will help increase their life span, even when we are talking about delicate products, as the Venetian models are. So do not hesitate to contact us, as we can deliver the best electric Venetian blinds online, perfectly suited to your needs.

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