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Electric venetian blinds are the best solution when it comes to having a good protection against sunlight, easy handling and a distinctive, stylish look of the windows and the entire room. Venetian blinds might have travelled a long way, but with our new automated systems, you will be able to benefit both from the appearance and from the practicality of these shades.

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The Advantage of Having a Top Motorized Blinds Supplier

Lately, people have become increasingly interested in electric blinds. It should be no surprise, given the many advantages that these devices offer. They are easy to maneuver, they have multiple functions, and it is quite easy to keep them clean. The prices are also accessible, thanks to the new technologies that are used to produce them, which diminish the production costs.

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As a result, many automated blinds suppliers provide these devices all around the globe. The UK is among the countries where automated blinds are extremely popular, despite the fact that the weather conditions are rather unpredictable. Nevertheless, there are a lot of companies that sell this type of window coverings, and make a good profit. Some of them want to achieve their goals on the clients’ expense, so you have to be very careful in choosing the right automated blinds supplier.

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Our company has a good reputation and treats all the customers with great consideration, respecting their wishes. Our salespersons never force you into buying an unfit product, just because it is more profitable for the company. They are instructed to provide only the necessary information, in order to help you make a decision without being influenced in your choice.

Our employees never pressure you to sign a contract with us on the spot, without letting you check out other offers. We understand perfectly that everyone gives his or her money the greatest possible value.

Consequently, we offer our clients a superb and wide range of electric shades. We supply fitted venetian blinds, fitted roller, vertical or roman blinds, all in an amazing diversity of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. The prices are also diverse, and there is a large category of products to choose from. There are cheap models, with budget prices, but also exclusively designed ones that are more expensive. Nonetheless, we offer prices that are more accessible than those practiced by our competition.

The reason we offer low cost made to measure blinds is the fact that all our products are sourced directly from the manufacturers, this way all third parties commissions are eliminated. Moreover, because we want to gain our clients’ appreciation, achieving this goal is our top priority. Thus, we offer a free measuring service to all our customers who want to purchase made to measure blinds. This service is available in any part of the UK, with the help of our specialized technicians.

Modern times require modern measures. As a result, our company is also present on the Internet. The website provides you with information about our newest models and offers. This is where you can find our free phone number for placing orders. Transparency is the main policy here, so we offer online quotations and calculation methods, to help you set the budget for window treatment.

The Splendid Venetian Blinds

Almost 300 years have passed since this model of blinds was “imported” in Europe from the Far East via the Venetian merchants, but they are still in style today. This is mainly because they do their job very well, by ensuring an efficient protection against the sun light and glare, and keeping the room cool and comfortable. They also look great as decorations, giving any room a classic, stylish appearance.

They are generally made of wood, but recently plastic, PVC or even metal were added on the list of the materials. Despite the fact that their maintenance requires a little bit more effort compared to other models of automatic blinds, there are many solutions offered to maintain and clean them with a minimum of effort.

The venetian blinds are great window coverings, both for the interior of the house and for the exterior. The main reason for this is the resilience of the materials used to make them. This feature is of great help when it comes to withstanding bad weather or direct sunlight. In addition to that, they ensure a perfect thermal insulation during the summer and winter. This advantage makes venetian blinds more popular when it comes to shading solutions for outer and inner conservatories and orangeries.

With the new RF frequency wireless remote control options added, maneuvering them is easier than ever. Even elderly or physically debilitated people can successfully perform this task. In the absence of these features, manual adjustment is harder because it involves a considerable amount of effort. Automated blinds thus offer comfort and are able to simplify our lives.

Having automated venetian blinds as window coverings has a lot of benefits. Once installed, they are easy to handle with the help of a remote control that allows you to operate them from a distance. These automated systems can be customized, so they can be used to adjust more than one blind or a set of blinds.

These shades come in many materials and colors and can have various sizes and operation modes. The small and medium ones are powered by batteries, while the bigger ones need a 240 Volt electric power system in order to function properly. Anyway, they do not consume much energy, which also provides an advantage. You will not have to worry about increasing your electricity bills, as the benefits outweigh the costs.

Venetian blinds always add a touch of distinction and luxury to a room. Because of the various existing models, you can always find the ones that are a perfect match with the furniture, the floor or the carpet in your room. Considering these aspects, if you want to enjoy the advantages that are offered by style and practical features in one product, you should choose electric venetian blinds as a shading solution.

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