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Electric window blinds are a fine and lovely form of embellishing your home, office, or any other place. They are innovative, but also based on a function that can make your life easier. They can offer you the privacy you need, and they are also helpful in offices and schools that need to keep presentations frequently. Their simplicity and discretion makes them enjoyable in any room of the house, or any other space.

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Types of Electric Window Blinds our UK Company Provides

The Electric window blinds are available in many types including : roller, pleated and venetian and roman.

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We furnish various electrically operated blinds, and each of our models can be custom made to be in harmony with your specific and unique requirements. For any model, our company offers a variety of colours, textures, or effects you can select from.

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The most popular type of electric window blinds that our company offers, are roller blinds. These can reel of the back or have a reverse roll. Commonly, the blinds should drop closer to the window, creating a shadier room when they are down.

In reverse roll, there is some space left between the blind and the window. You can do this on purpose, to allow a certain quantity of sunlight in a room, or you may want to choose this option if your windows have protruding handles because otherwise, the blinds may not fall in place as they should.

We suggest this roll if you have a Victorian conservatory, for obtaining a better design, or if you want to conceal the backing of the fabric. Anyhow, the type of roll for the blinds can be modified, so a certain installed model is not permanent.

Our electric roller blinds are available in 240 volt and 24 volt powering, or battery operated, depending on their size. If necessary, we can connect the blinds to your electrical installation in order to have the possibility of covering a larger area of windows with our clever blinds.

When setting up the roller blinds, the weight of the fabric and its area are two important factors. If these elements are not in concordance, then the blind may get damaged in time and suffer modifications.

The types of roller blinds we offer are blackout, dim out, translucent, or transparent blinds. Thus, you may choose the best type of blinds for you, according to your necessities.

The second type of electric window blinds that our UK company offers are, blinds. These blinds are discreet and tasteful for any space. You can choose from two variations of the model: standard, with a single pleat and cellular, with two pleats.

The standard ones are refined and have a cheaper price, but the friction cords and their small holes can be seen through the material. In comparison, the cellular pleated blinds have the cords running through pockets, so they are out of sight with a black out version of the material, or can barely be seen if translucent materials are used.

The automatic pleated blinds are 24 volt and the available model is free hanging because of the larger head rail it has. Also, these blinds need an extra element installed because otherwise, they do not have a stopping point at the bottom. With this element, the blind stops by itself when it reaches the top or the bottom, and, with the help of the remote control, it can also be stopped anywhere in between. Yet, the only type of pleated blinds that we provide as electric, are the spring clip ones.

The third type of motorised window blinds that our company offers in the UK are, venetian blinds. Venetian blinds are a good solution if you want to have a shady room with some privacy, but you want to see outside as well. However, if you have children or pets, this kind of blinds can easily get damaged because they are fragile.

The blinds are attainable in two formats: wood and metal, having various widths. The venetian metal blades are between 16mm and 50mm wide, and the wood ones have a 25mm to 50 mm width.

The electric venetian blinds, have either a manual raise and an electric tilt, or both electric raise and tilt. The first option is to have them battery operated, being pretty cheap, and the second one is 24 volt or 240 volt powering, all depending on the weight of the blinds and where you install them.

Advantages of Installing Electric Window Blinds

These easy to manage window blinds, offer various advantages. If your windows are out of reach and handling manual blinds would be a challenge, then what you need are our electric window blinds. Also, you can comfortably open or close the blinds, as you desire, even, let’s say, while lounging in a lazy afternoon in your bedroom.

The system can be used by anyone because of its simplicity. Another benefit you get for having electric blinds, is that they are not strained and forced with every use, so they are functional for a longer time.

How Do You Order Electric Window Blinds for delivery in the UK?

Our company has beautiful blinds to offer and any type of electric blinds can be custom made to suit your needs and fit in every room, kitchen, bathroom or even orangeries. After you contact us, we will send a team at your house or office to measure your windows, a service that we offer for free. Afterwards, together, we decide upon a few details, like: dimensions, opening, motorisation type and price, and then we sign the contract.

You should know that we furnish hi-tech system blinds all over the UK, and that our prices are affordable because we work with the manufacturers directly. Therefore, you can contact us without a problem even if you want blinds for premises such as hotels, offices, or schools.

Our blinds can give a luxuriant and graceful touch to every interior, and the electric window shades are just one of the excellent services that we, as a company, provide.

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