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Electric window blinds are becoming more and more popular each year, thus increasing the demand for them all over UK. The popularity of this idea resides in the fact that it makes life really easy, doing a good job in protecting you and your family from the sun, especially in the case of multiple window openings and locations which are hard to reach. And the fun part is that while they can be made of fabric, wood, plastic, metal, etc., the movement is always the same: rotate from open to close and vice versa. No complications can arise because of or during the electric system installation

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What could be more practical, and in the same time easy to use, than electrical shades? They solve problems of convenience, as adjusting them simply resumes to pushing a button in order for the shades to smoothly operate according to your desire, moving either up or down. The option is mostly viable as it serves a necessity, too, more than a luxury. If your shades are hard to reach, if they are high up, or it is simply a waste of time to go from your desk or couch to fix your shades, then we are sure this will be the perfect choice for you. They look better, fitting every type of home, and we always make sure you get the best choice, one that will match your interior design. All you have to do is to visit our website and contact us.

We know there are many models of blinds available nowadays, but we can tell you that things are simple, generally going two ways: slat blinds and solid blinds. The solid blinds are the easiest and most common, as they can only be raised or lowered, thus making the simplest movement possible, which means, upgrading to an electric system will only take but a little time and will make the adjustment of the blinds an usual, common gesture, like changing the TV channels.

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We offer you the perfect choice for your windows: blinds that can be operated by either a remote control or a wall switch. The manual remote control gives you the possibility of moving around the house with it, and placing it in different locations, as well as being in any part of the room when wanting to use it. The wall switch occupies but a tiny space on your wall, and our range of options makes it easier to blend in according to your interior design. So, whatever option you choose, we guarantee you that you will see major improvements on your shades, making them more personal, modern and, definitely, easier and more pleasant to use. You will never want to go back after this.

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These types of blinds are perfect for both home and office spaces, making them an excellent choice if your life is in a rush and your activities are in constant change. They are the best choice if you just want to adjust the sunlight according to the time of the day or the activity you are engaged in, or simply, if you just want to stop wasting time with such a prehistoric activity. As the world evolves, it is time you evolve too. Have you thought about how many times, while you were in your bathroom, taking a lovely bath or putting on your make-up, you had to adjust the light passing through your shades? Well, we now offer you the possibility of doing that without too much effort, by pushing just a button.

We have found that most clients prefer the remote shades, therefore, we would like to maximize your investment, by offering two types of remote shades: infrared and radio remote control. The first option is based on a point-and-click operation system, very easy to use, even for those who are not quite into technical issues and who would be a bit reticent to this point. The second option operates on a radio frequency, which allows a better control of the shades from any location in your home. This is a preferred option for garage doors, for example. Our prices are advantageous for both cases, but the radio remote is a bit different. Its advantage is that it allows the operations of all the shades at the same time, thus maximizing your time and effort.

And, things become even simpler, as our company further personalises the way you control your shades, by allowing you control through keypad or personal computer, thus making it unnecessary for even the busiest of you to take your eyes off your work and lose your idea only to operate your shades. Talk about simplifying things, we are doing more than that: we are taking our customers to the next level! For a good price, your blinds could help you reduce heat loss during winter, or heat effects in summer, making you feel even more comfortable in your own home, or at work, ensuring, thus, a good work environment.

You do not have to worry about your warranty either, as we always take care of our customers, by providing the best warranty you could get on the market, personalised for each type of shade and each buyer.

Of course, we realize that the best part is that no wires are required anymore, as all blinds are operated by battery, which needs changing at 2-3 years, only, but, we would also like to reinforce that the installation will not be a problem. We know you think of that, therefore, we think in advance, by making the process simple, just like with regular shades and blinds. We only have to visit you, wherever you are in the UK, take the measurements and then provide you with whatever it is that you need, standard or custom made, according to your wishes.

Whatever you would like to call them, motorized, battery operated, remote controlled, electric, etc, this option for your window blinds will only make your life easier! No matter if you just purchased a house, or you want to modify and modernize the old one, the best option is to choose electric window blinds.

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