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Everyone wants the best when it comes to home improvement, and shading the windows with light sensor blinds is definitely a way to ensure us a better quality life.

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Although a few years ago these products were regarded as very expensive gadgets, people’s perception improved dramatically when they began to realize the tremendous advantages of the electric blinds. As a direct result, many companies started to produce them at a larger scale, which caused the prices to drop considerably. These firms used different methods, like special promotions, crediting facilities and discounts to form a solid basis of clients.

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“Electric Shades” is one of the most reputable remote controlled blinds suppliers in UK. We are able to provide you with the latest models of automated shading solutions, including a wide range of light sensor blinds. What makes us special is the fact that all the products we sell are sourced directly from the manufacturers. Because of this, all the additional taxes are cut off, which means only one thing: low prices. Keeping the products at a level which defies every competition does not imply the fact that their quality is a poor one, but quite the opposite.

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If you are interested in purchasing fitted venetian blinds, roman or roller blinds, our employees are always eager to offer you useful information, helping you in making the best choice, according to your needs and financial possibilities. However, the decision is entirely yours, our sales representatives being instructed not to put pressure on the customers, luring them to choose a certain type of light sensor blinds. Besides, no one is asked to sign a contract on the spot, without taking some time to evaluate other options.

Because our company keeps up with the latest technological development, we also have a website. Visiting motorizedblinds.co.uk, you can find out everything about our custom made electric blinds. To set an approximate budget for the window treatment expenses, you can use the quotations and price calculation methods provided here. Besides, there is a lot of information about the location of our stores and service centres.

If you decide to order made to measure electric blinds, do not worry about the supplementary fee you have to pay for the measuring service. Our company provides this absolutely free of charge, no matter where your home is located in the UK. Our team of employees arrive at your doorstep and do the measurements with maximum competence and responsibility, so you can have perfectly fitted light sensor blinds. This is one of the reasons why our clients are always pleased. As a matter of fact, many of them refer our services warmly to other people who are interested in purchasing electric blinds.

We are also able to provide remote controlled blinds in any quantity, for premises such as hotels, schools, offices and other similar locations. Your conservatory or orangery can have their windows or even roofs protected by RC blinds provided by our company, as well.

Light Sensor Blinds-Enjoying the Ultimate Sensation in Home Improvement

Some people ask themselves frequently: “All right, they are good looking and practical, too, but what is so special about these blinds, compared to the others?”. For all those interested in finding an answer, here it is: everything is special, because the advantages that come with these electric shading systems are simply amazing. Of course, the wonderful part is the light sensor itself.

Imagine that you work on the night shift, so you need a good deep sleep when you arrive home in the morning. The newest generation technology incorporated in your light sensor blinds helps you achieve this, by sparing you of any effort in adjusting the light level. The blinds are self-adjusting in this case, raising or pulling themselves down every time they sense the presence of light. So, even if you forget to darken the room before going to bed, the shading system does its job without any outside intervention.

New parents also become increasingly aware of the huge benefits that come from having light sensor blinds installed in the nursery room. Not all the babies have a deep sleep, and some of them are disturbed when the slightest change intervenes in their environment. A sudden burst of light into the room can be the cause of such an uncomfortable sensation for the child, but with self retreating blinds the inconvenience is instantly solved.

Not only ordinary homes, but also bigger, commercial premises have a lot to gain by equipping their windows with these automated blinds. For instance, in case of the auto showrooms, using light sensor blinds helps protect the cars’ upholstery from the negative impact of sun glare. This also turns out true in the case of medical facilities or offices, where the activity cannot be interrupted to adjust the light level.

If you are concerned with housekeeping and you want to make every spot in your home look nice and clean, we have very good news for you. The maintenance procedures necessary for these blinds are really clear and simple. Usually, it takes just a piece of cloth and some regular cleaning solution to complete the task, and your metal, plastic or wood shadings will be as bright and shiny as if they were new.

Being available in so many colours, textures and shapes, remote control blinds are easily accommodated in any space, no matter the designation. Bedrooms, living rooms and even bathrooms and kitchens can have their windows protected and decorated with electric blinds.

Yes, our products are great also as an interior decorating solution. An exquisite elegance and distinction is added to the space in question, without any supplementary expenses, only by choosing the right type of blinds. These and many other great features ensured the supremacy of RC blinds in the last few years. In time, they became more affordable, and this contributed a lot to their popularity. Light sensor blinds are the ultimate expression of technology used in making people’s daily life more comfortable.

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