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240 volt mains powered blinds are part of the new generation of hi-tech blinds. They improve your life on several levels, adding to the amazing elegance and aesthetics the possibility to open, close them or simply adjust them according to your preferences easier than you have ever imagined it.

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These types of blinds can be installed to electrically operated windows, no matter if they are made of wood or some other type of material. And they are powered by a remote control, which allows you the perspective of more comfort in your own home, at school, in your office, or even if you are simply enjoying yourself in a hotel treat on your vacation.

The greatest part is that what was once considered luxury is now offered very cheap, so you don’t have to pay a fortune for the privilege of easily controlling your blinds, no matter if you are after a system that allows you to adjust the blinds individually or all at once. We also offer a variety of models, different shades, materials and other customary options you can find out about as soon as you contact us.

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We work for our clients, and we want to offer them a unique, singular experience, by making the process of measuring and choosing mains blinds as simple and faster as possible. We can guarantee you will be satisfied with the selection we offer and we will customize your preferences so that you will absolutely enjoy your new blinds the moment you see them.

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And with mains powered motors you do not have to worry about batteries, since they only require a provision for a 240V, preferably, electrical supply, thus offering increased functionality and complete perfect movement to operate your blinds.

We know most people love the Venetian electric blinds, therefore, we have created not only battery-operated ones, the manoeuvring of which resumes to tilting, but also mains-powered ones, both of them controlled by remote controls or wall switches. What is important for you to know is that either option is wire-free, thus giving you a delightful experience of comfort and efficiency. Also, our Venetian blinds can be set, thanks to the timers, to tilt when the sun is very bright, so as to provide a good care for your health and your furniture, by making sure you and your home are exposed to the right amount of sun.

We also provide vertical electric blinds, which are mains-powered, for not only regular windows, but also patio doors, large windows and comparable type of windows. The stunning thing about these blinds is that they operate in two ways, which makes them really popular: they can be drawn back to sides or they can be tilted.

This makes them a perfect match for different types of houses and pleases the preferences of many customers, whose homes allow only one type of movement for the blinds, but also to those who want to have the luxury of choice. These blinds take care of your privacy and shade, giving our customers a large amount of control from this respective. And this can only get better when upgrading blinds to the newer versions which are mains-powered.

The products offered by our company are, mostly, controlled in two ways: either by a remote, or a wall switch. And, we would like to underline now, that both the remote and the switch are made to match your home and your blinds, thus being a perfect fit in every home. We basically offer you a selection of control options, to go together with your traditional cord draw and chain tilt operations. We can even offer you wand control, which means you just pull it across the window and then you turn it to tilt the louvres.

But, what is also interesting about mains electric blinds is that you can opt for the installation of a sun-sensor, which will open your blinds in the morning, once the sun has risen, and close them in the evening, making your day perfect and easy. We can also include very good security features, thus scheduling your blinds to operate even when you are not at home, or, if you would prefer, at certain hours of the day.

These modern blinds are the ultimate opportunity in comfort and convenience, not only for your private home, but also for your office, as well as for any commercial or residential property. And the wide range of controlling options, such as remote handsets, timers, sensors, wall switches, does nothing less than to assure you that we have the perfect choice for your windows, no matter where they are, no matter the purpose.

We combine and match our range of products with your preferences in order to maximize your benefits and to get exactly the desired effect. And if you do not know which option is the best for you, do not worry, as our team of specialists is here to help you make the right choice. The happiness of our customers is our priority, and we always strive to better our interaction with you.

Our mains blinds are built in such a way that they also protect the motorised windows and ensure a lasting life for your new blinds. Everything we do, all our products and the choices we help you make are done in order to maximize the efficiency of your blinds and to make your life happier.

We also make blinds which take into consideration the weather outside, by reacting to too much sun, wind or in case of rain. Therefore, if too sunny, the blinds can be programmed to go down, if too windy, some of the awnings can be retracted in order to evade damage, while if it is raining, they can be extended if you are in the mood of enjoying yourselves outdoor.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any question you may have, as we like to provide the best for our clients, and help each of them find their perfect, singular type of mains powered blinds.

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