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With the help of pleated blinds with automation options, people have been able to find a cost effective solution to the old problem of cooling their homes and conservatories during hot summer days.

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While the advantages of automated timer features and electrically operated wireless systems may be quite clear, it may also be a surprise to note how much the popularity of automated pleated blinds has increased, especially in the past two or three years.

Our company understands the importance that some of these automated pleated blinds can have to our customers, and we have, therefore, been striving to offer all the necessary convenience advantages when it comes to providing the highest quality products at the lowest prices.

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The Popularity of Automated Pleated Blinds

It is no secret that more and more people have been using automated pleated blinds lately, and that many of them would recommend these types of blinds for their sheer convenience and the attractive decoration options they can provide.

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With a huge variety of colours and design options at their disposal, buyers waste no time in recognizing the aesthetic potential of these blinds, which sometimes may even create a unique, artistic atmosphere that would enrich regular, modern day home decoration settings by providing a significantly distinguished and elegant appearance to literally any room they may be fitted in.

While electric pleated blinds have their own unique advantages, the fact is that most pleated blinds themselves, even if used only with manual adjustment methods can be quite appealing in more than one way.

They allow for the easiest light intensity adjustment options when compared to all blinds, being fitted with elegant methods of operation that are designed to minimize any difficulty or discomfort and to maximize your influence over your lighting and temperature control.

Also, they allow for a number of installation options that will ensure that they can be fitted correctly regardless of the setting you need them for. This is another advantage that you will not find in the case of other types of blinds, and it makes electric pleated blinds a much more convenient and useful choice regardless of the size or shape of your windows.

Another reason for the popularity of pleated blinds is their ability of not only providing protection from the sun, but also of offering increased privacy. Especially if fitted with automation capabilities, these blinds can easily be programmed to hide your rooms completely from anyone who may be outside.

Convenience and Ease of Use

Motorized pleated blinds offer additional convenience when you need to use them for different rooms. Your needs will of course differ from one room to another, and outdoor use may also be required, so the available options need to be assessed accordingly.

Also, motorized pleated blinds are extremely easy to use, either through wireless radio or infrared control or by programming them to fit your needs perfectly. For instance, you may want to program your blinds to close gradually in the morning as the sun ascends to a higher position, bombarding your walls and windows with an increasing amount of light and heat.

In such cases, pleated blinds with light sensors can be quite useful, making it easy for them to close gradually depending on the amount of light that they “perceive” at any one time. When the light increases in intensity, the sensors will “communicate” that the blinds need to be closed in order to prevent the light from entering your home.

The automated blinds will respond according to the information they receive from the sensors and to the programming adjustments you have made in advance. As an effective shading solution, they are some of the most effective of all, being able to stop more than 75% of solar rays.

Home Automation – The Ultimate Solution for Pleated Blinds

The new home automation options available on the market today have the ability to centralize the entire operation of your blinds, making them all accessible from one control point. The greatest benefit here is that the motors can be controlled each separately, or all at once. Moreover, the control options are virtually unlimited.

Let’s say, for example, that you decided to go on holiday, but you left your blinds open. With complete home automation you can easily access them from your smartphone or laptop, and close them all with the press of a button.

Also, with automatic timer options you can decide in advance when your blinds should close. For instance, during the winter time, you can limit the loss of heat by scheduling your pleated blinds to close before nightfall.

How Cost Effective Are These Systems?

Many people believe that, because of the advanced technological features these types of blinds may come with, they are “surely” too expensive, and it might be more cost effective to buy a simple manually controlled shade.

The fact is, however, that electric pleated blinds are actually able to reduce energy consumption costs to such an extent that in due time you will be able to get all your money back.

Here is how it works: basically, you invest a slightly larger amount at a time to either fit your existing blinds with an automated system, or buy completely new automated pleated blinds, if you set them to increase the shade automatically at times when the sunlight is increasingly powerful, they will reduce the amount of UV light and heat that is allowed into your home, so your air conditioning system becomes almost obsolete.

Moreover, if you choose to buy your blinds from a company such as ours, where the prices are significantly lower than in many other locations, the benefits you can reap may be far greater than you would expect.

This may not be seen as an important advantage at first, however, when you see how much your electric costs have diminished since you started using these pleated blinds with automation features, you will soon realize that they can offer many more advantages than just to look good in your home.

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