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Remote control blinds are the ultimate in window shading automation, as well as being practical they add a touch of Sophistication that will make you the envy of your friends. Remotely controlled blinds can come in all shapes and sizes, from roman to roller and of course vertical, horizontal and pleated versions. They are suitable to all interior situations, these include homes, conservatories offices and commercial buildings.

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Some Important Characteristics

There are two frequently made statements when it comes to this type of window coverings: they are easy to handle and they are expensive. Let us have a look at these and see how much truth is behind each of them.

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First of all, the handling part: it is most likely that you are disturbed every time the sun bursts suddenly into the room. The natural reaction is to drop the activity in which you are involved and go adjust the blinds, so that only the desired amount of light enters into the room. This is, of course, in case you have manually operated blinds.

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With the automated ones, things are very different, in the best possible way. No more interruptions at the office, no more need to get up from the couch in the middle of the best part of the movie. A simple push of the remote control’s button and the room darkens or lightens in a second. Anyone can do this, because it works just like in the case of other distance-controlled devices, such as the DVD players or the TV sets.

Besides, it does not matter how high or low your windows are positioned, or what their size is. You do not have to worry about the difficulties related to maneuvering big sized window coverings, because it is not the case, if you choose the automated version.

Furthermore, the infrared controlled operating system is extremely easy to use. However, you must pay attention when you purchase your blinds. Most of these devices can only be used for a single blind or for a set of blinds. Some of the blinds can be easily customized, and you can ask the company’s sales representative for this service. You usually do not encounter problems from this point of view, because most of the employees are very responsive and polite.

You should consider that, once you have purchased a remote control for your blinds, it is better to put it somewhere safe, especially if you have small children.

This is almost all about the “easy to handle” part, so it is time to see if the motorized blinds are indeed as expensive as some people argue. They say that this is also because of the additional cost that comes with your electricity bills.

In fact, these people are not right at all in their assumptions about the energy consumption of the automatic blinds. The medium and small sized ones use batteries to function, and only the large window shadings’ motors are powered with energy from your home electrical system. The batteries are easily changeable, and you must perform this operation about once a year. However, if you think on the long term, it is more advisable to purchase lithium batteries. They are a bit more expensive compared to their regular alternative, but they are also more durable. If you choose lithium batteries, you have to change them only once every several years.

In fact, the only part that is expensive about the RC blinds is their installation, at least, if you are not good at do it yourself projects. If you do have some skills, then these costs are considerably cut off. However, due to the technical progress combined with the popularity of these products, new solutions have been adopted to make electrical blinds easy to install.

There are certain suppliers who include the installation in their offer, sometimes with no extra charge. Before you consider such an option, it is better to get information about the warranty provided for this service, and if the supplier is easy to find, in case something happens throughout this period.

Other Advantages of Automated Blinds

All in all, you can hardly say that remote controlled blinds are expensive. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the advantages they offer, because there are many other special features that contribute to the popularity of the products in question.

Far from being inefficient, they help you save a lot of money. Think only of how much the sun glare can harm your wooden furniture and floor, the upholstery of the couch or the screens of the electric devices, when they are exposed for long periods. Their state gets worse every year, and, finally, you have to replace them.

Electrical blinds provide an efficient light control, requiring little to no physical effort. This way, the room receives only as much light as you want, and the damaging effects over the objects found here are, if not eliminated, at least considerably reduced. It is a feature that helps you save money otherwise spent on new furniture objects.

Other savings are made during winter, when motorized blinds act as an efficient barrier against heat loss. By preventing this process, the heating expenses are considerably reduced. From this point of view, purchasing automated window coverings can be seen as a clever investment rather than a whim.

If you consider all these advantages and you decide to order some of these products, our company is the best possible option. Our reputation as one of the top suppliers of automated blinds in UK is built on the excellent collaborations we have with our clients. Our company can easily provide motorized blinds of any type, both for regular family homes, as well as for hotels, offices, medical facilities and other kind of commercial premises.

Visiting our website, you can find many discount offers any time, as well as exclusively designed models, that give an appearance of luxury to any space, no matter if it is a patio, a porch or a living room. The prices also range, from the cheapest items to the more expensive ones. If you want the perfect remote control blinds for your home, come to us and, together, we will find the perfect solution.

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