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If you are thinking of a way to gain control over the amount of light that enters a room, while also improving the aspect of it, here is our suggestion: remote control roller blinds. Electric Roller blinds are a popular choice in many homes or commercial spaces, and now, thanks to the introduction of the electric operating system, they have become one of the most convenient types of blinds on the market. Roller blinds offer considerable insulation and heat control, and operating them is extremely easy. These are just a few reasons why our customers prefer them to other blind models.

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So, if you are a comfort loving person as well, roller blinds might be just the right choice for your kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom. Check out our offer to see what materials and textures might work best considering your interior design, or ask our experts for help. We have a wide array of roller blinds that differ in their operating system, control system, fabric, colour, patters, texture and transparency. Therefore, no matter what your preferences are, you will surely find the perfect model of roller blinds among the ones we have for sale.

And, in case you are concerned about sizes and fitting the blinds to your window, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our specialists will visit you and measure your windows in order to make sure the blinds will fit flawlessly. All that, for free, no matter in which part of the UK you live! We will create fitted roller blinds for your windows, so there is no need to worry if your windows are too large, too high, or just unusually shaped. Our blinds will cover the windows perfectly and protect you and your family against the sun.

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But why should you choose roller blinds? Here are the description and the advantages of this convenient blind model.

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Remote control Roller blinds – what are your options?

Roller blinds are made of a single piece of fabric that rolls on and off a tube when the blinds are lowered or raised. The tube is fixated above the window with the help of two brackets. Rolling the fabric on the tube can be done in two ways, depending on how the fabric is positioned. The fabric can be rolled closer to the window, rolling off the back of the tube, or farther away from the window, rolling off in front of the tube. This latter method is called reverse roll. And even if it is not the most common way of rolling a piece of fabric on the tube, it provides two advantages over standard roll.

One of the advantages refers to the fact that, by rolling the fabric in front of the tube, an additional space between the fabric and the window is created. This way, the window’s handle will have enough space to fit behind the fabric. The second advantage is aesthetics. When you roll the fabric in front of the tube, the tube will be hidden behind the fabric, so you will see nothing except the beautiful fabric of the roller blinds. Especially if the back of the fabric is less appealing than its front, by using a reverse roll, you can be sure the back of the fabric will not show on the tube.

There are many types of fabrics you can choose from for your roller blinds. One thing you should decide on is the amount of natural light you want to allow in the room when the blinds are lowered. If you enjoy natural light, you might want to go for transparent fabrics that will maintain a pleasant temperature inside the room, without blocking sunlight completely.

However, people who want total darkness even when it is daytime should choose a blackout fabric. Blackout roller blinds are extremely popular. Roller blinds are made from a single piece of fabric, so there are no cracks through which the light can pass. If you choose blackout, you might want to attach a blackout lining to the back of a beautiful fabric. This way, you will enjoy both increased light control, and a pleasant visual effect. However, if you do so, make sure you choose to reverse roll the blinds, or else the blackout lining will show on the tube.

Advantages and disadvantages of roller blinds

As we have previously mentioned, roller blinds are easy to operate and easy to maintain. They are not very sophisticated, and can be cleaned easily. When choosing the materials, go for a UV resistant and dust resistant fabric, because it will further increase your comfort. Operating the electric blinds is extremely easy, and it can be done with the help of a remote control or a wall switch. Wireless control or radio control will ensure the ease of operation wherever in the house you are.

One disadvantage of roller blinds is the fact that they cannot be installed on very large windows. The larger the window, the more fabric is needed in order to cover it. And more fabric means more weight, a weight that the tube might not be able to sustain. Furthermore, it can be difficult to find large enough pieces of fabric to match the size of your windows. Therefore, if you want to install roller blinds on large windows, it would be a good idea to install more than a single set of blinds. Also, choose an aluminium tube, or a tube made from a very resistant and durable material, capable of sustaining a lot of fabric.

If you install more than one set of blinds, do not worry about operating them. With the help of the remote control, you will be able to control one, two, or multiple sets of blinds at a time. Electric control offers you numerous features that could make your life easier. Contact our team of experts, and they will offer you information on the features and settings you can enjoy thanks to the electric operation system of the blinds. Our company is a top producer of remote control roller blinds, and we have been in the business long enough to know what satisfies customers.

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