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Remote control roman blinds are the 21st century version of one of the oldest types of window blinds. In ancient Rome, rich people used windows shades in order to protect their skin from the harmful sunlight. In the contemporary UK, people of all categories choose to install electric roman blinds because of their ease of operation and very appealing aspect. Mixing the wisdom of ancient people with the technology of the modern world, remote control blinds have been created so as to transform people’s houses in comfortable places where people can find tranquillity and peace.

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Our company offers custom made electric blinds for people who live in the UK and want to enjoy shade and privacy with the help of the latest technological development. We offer a wide range of remote control blinds, from roman to venetians, from vertical blinds to roller blinds. Our electric roman blinds are incredibly affordable, despite their hi-tech operation system and the automatic settings they offer. One reason for that is the fact that we source all our materials directly from UK manufacturers, and we do our best to keep prices low in order to satisfy our clients, no matter their budget.

If a few years ago, having electric blinds was considered to be a luxury, now everybody can afford remote control blinds. Considering the affordable prices they can be bought for, and the settings and features electric blinds include, nobody chooses to install manually operated blinds any more. But when there are so many options in terms of blind models, choosing just one of the must be difficult. Let’s see why roman blinds might prove to be an intelligent choice.

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Reasons for choosing roman blinds

Roman blinds will never stop being fashionable. They offer great light control, because they are made from a large piece of fabric that covers the entire window. When it comes to fabrics, colours and textures, the choices are endless. That is why roman blinds could be one of the most versatile types of blinds. They can match both bedrooms and kitchens. They can be a great addition to a conservatory, a classroom, or an office. There are no spaces where you could not install roman blinds, because they match every design style.

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If you want them to match a simple design scheme, choose flat roman blinds. If you want to create an image of luxury and elegance, choose hobbled blinds. They will create an organic visual effect thanks to their wavelike aspect. People will love them. As long as you know what you want, you cannot make any design mistakes by installing roman blinds.

Another thing that proves they are so versatile is the possibility to choose from different fabric types. You can choose different materials and attach them one to the back of the other. This way you will create different images when looking at the blinds from the inside or outside. You might also want to attach a blackout fabric to the back of the roman blinds and block sunlight completely, without modifying the unified interior design you have chosen.

Besides their attractive visual aspect, they are also very easy to maintain. Because there are no slats where dust might accumulate, cleaning roman blinds is fast and easy. Choose a dust resistant fabric, and you will not have to clean the blinds more than once every 3-4 months.

Furthermore, they can be custom made in order to fit any type of window. Ask us for help, and we will make the necessary measurements and create perfectly fitted roman blinds.

Increase your comfort with remote control operation

Now that remote control operation is available for roman blinds, you will save time and effort. The options you can choose from are radio controlled roman blinds, or wireless control roman blinds. Depending on the size of the blinds, you can choose to connect them to a home automation system, or use battery operated blinds. No matter what choice you make, you will see what a big difference electric operation can make. You will be able to adjust the blinds without having to move more than a finger. And if that means just comfort for a normal person, for somebody who has mobility problems, it might mean independence. People who suffer from arthritis, old people, and physically handicapped people can regain their lost independence by having the possibility to control the blinds with the help of a remote.

Electric blinds do not only offer increased comfort, but also increased safety. There are no cords attached, which means no risk of accidents. And if you set the blinds to lower or raise automatically, even when you are not at home, they will give the impression there is somebody in the house, and will prevent it from being robbed.

Using the remote control to operate the blinds might be the single available solution of controlling very high blinds. Imagine you installed blinds on the roof of the conservatory. Without a remote control, it would be impossible to close or open the blinds by yourself. The same goes for blinds that are installed on high windows.

Contact our company and we will offer you information on the options remote control blinds include: 240 volt operation, 24 volt operation, battery operation, automated timer settings, temperature and light control, radio, wireless, and infra-red control options. Furthermore, we can discuss design options, fabric types and colours, transparency, UV resistance, washability and thermal properties of every type of material. We will gladly offer our advice in order to help you choose one of the best shading solutions considering the interior design of the room and your budget limitations.

We can deliver a large number of electric blinds to different parts of the UK for hotels, offices, commercial spaces, institutions, schools, and of, course, homes. If you order a large number of blinds, contact us for a discount. We will make sure that you receive the highest quality products at the lowest cost on the market. So, if you have decided to order remote control roman blinds from our company, contact us right away in order to enjoy our special offers.

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