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Purchase remote control Venetian blinds for windows and further increase the comfort of your house. Venetian blinds were once the most common blinds anywhere, whether in a house or in an office building. To make them even more convenient, electric Venetian blinds have been invented. These allow you to close, open, or tilt the blinds with only one push of a button of the wall-switch. Although they were quite practical and had (and still have) many other advantages over normal Venetian blinds, these electric blinds were still not perfect – until recently. For a while now, Venetian blinds can also be controlled with a remote.

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Remote control Venetian blinds have almost completely replaced the normal, plain Venetian blinds. More and more people would rather install blinds that can be remote controlled. It is easier this way, and you do not have to put your work on hold or even get up from your chair or bed to adjust the blinds. Just push a button on the remote control, and you will see how the blinds adjust themselves without needing you to be near them.

Another good thing about these RC Venetian blinds is that you can get to keep the options that the normal and electric Venetian blinds offer, as well. In other words, you can also have a wall-switch or keypad installed for you, and you can also choose to install remote control blinds that have a cord and can be manually operated, as well. Although the cost increases this way, many of our clients say that it is worth the price. The reason for this is quite simple: it happens pretty often that users forget where they have put the remote, or forget it in another room. In cases like these, instead of looking for the remote all over the house, or having to go to the other room to take it, you can just make a few steps and pull the cord or use the wall-switch and adjust the blinds depending on your wishes.

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A standard remote control can be used for all of the blinds at the same time. It has only a few buttons, but even so, there are a few different models. For example, you can get a standard remote control for Venetian blinds with only three buttons: OPEN, CLOSE, TILT. In this case, you only need to press one of the buttons once, and the blinds will completely open, close, or tilt halfway.

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Another classic type of remote has three buttons as well, but they are touch-sensitive: RISE, LOWER, TILT. This means that the blinds will rise, lower, or tilt for only as long as you press the button. If you lift your finger off the button, the blinds will stay in that position (half-lowered, barely tilted, etc.)

More complex remote controls have more buttons, and even an electric display. These are usually the remote controls that can control several groups of blinds, as well. Thus, they have numbered buttons according to the set groups. Some of the remotes also have timer buttons, which help you set the time when you want the blinds to do a certain action (rise, lower, tilt, close, etc.) Of course, if you want to install a wall-switch as well, you can choose to get a simple remote control and have all the other buttons on the wall-switch, because you might find it to be more comfortable this way. Either way, our electric Venetian blinds will greatly improve your home’s comfort and image without you having to make any effort at all.

Remote control Venetians can also be categorized according to the control system they use. The blinds are basically of two kinds: infrared and radio remote controlled. Infrared remote controls work like any classic remote control: you point the remote to the blinds that you want to adjust and press the respective buttons. The infrared remote controls are usually simple, with few buttons. They are used by clients who do not like to raise or lower the blinds, but only tilt them. The disadvantage is that you have to walk into every room in order to adjust all the blinds in the house. On the other hand, radio remote controls can be used for any of the blinds in any room. These remote controls are more common with houses where there are many blinds, because you can group them in areas that the remote will control with a push of a button.

The best thing when purchasing Venetian window blinds is that they are made to measure. We make sure the blinds will be perfectly fitted by offering to come to your house, wherever you are in the UK, and take the necessary measurements for free. While we’re at it, we will also tell you about the type of remote control blinds that we think will fit your needs best and about their prices. You can also learn more about our offers by calling us, or by contacting us online.

Electric Venetian window blinds are definitely one of the greatest accessories you would want in your house, because they are trendy, modern-looking, and also easy to operate. There are no drawbacks about them. We offer high-quality products, assistance services, and warranties, as well, all to assure you that you will make a great deal by purchasing remote control Venetian blinds from our company.

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