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One of the most delicate and elegant types of blinds can be now electrically powered: remote control Venetian blinds. This blind model perfectly combines sophistication and luxury with convenience and technology. Venetian blinds are one of the most attractive alternatives to the traditional curtains, and they match very diverse spaces, from living rooms to kitchens, or from offices to hotels. A model that will remain forever fashionable, Venetian blinds bring style and class to an interior unlike any other type of blinds.

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Because of their appealing aspect, elegancy and light control, Electric Venetian blinds are a popular choice among house or business owners that want to upgrade the aspect of an interior in a way that increases both comfort, and visual pleasure. Usually, people who like minimalist designs and modern spaces opt for Venetian blinds in order to achieve a unified image in the room.

However, Venetian blinds are not just a stylish option for luxury loving people. They are also a convenient option for people with limited budgets, as well. There are many types of Venetian blinds that differ in the material used for their manufacture, so there must be an option for whatever type of space – traditional or contemporary, luxurious or low cost, classic or modern. Therefore, we recommend you to check out our offer, because you will definitely find a set of Venetian blinds that will match the interior design of your room and your budget.

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The history of Venetian blinds

Some people say Venetian blinds were invented in Venice, a long time ago. Others say that, in fact, the concept Venetian blinds are based on comes from Persia. That would explain why some people call the Venetian blinds Persian blinds, or Persiennes. In the 18th century, St Peter’s Church had shades that were similar to Venetian blinds. What is for sure is the fact that Venetian blinds have been known to mankind for centuries, and they have stood the test of time, becoming one of the most purchased types of blinds today.

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Venetians have horizontal slats that slightly overlap each other in order to prevent the sun from passing through the cracks. The greatest thing about them is the fact that they offer a great light control. Venetian blinds can be lowered completely, achieving the highest level of shade. They can also be raised and stacked, allowing natural light to pass through the window. They can be adjusted in an intermediate position, preventing sunlight from entering the room from above, but allowing enough natural light in the room.

Also, because the slat angle can be adjusted, house owners have high control over the amount of light that enters the room. By tilting the slats a little, the persons in the room will enjoy some natural light, without being blinded by it. Tilt the slats more, and sun will pour in. Everything is a matter of preferences. You can adjust the light level depending on your mood, the time of the day, the season of the year, or the weather outside.

Remote control operation brings incredible advantages. Manually operating Venetian blinds can be quite difficult. There are two cords, one for raising the blinds and one for tilting the slats. And if you have large windows, adjusting the blinds depending on your wishes not only takes a lot of time, but can imply a lot of effort. Now, no more cords are needed in order to control Venetian blinds. Using the remote control will help you tilt, lower or raise the blinds, without getting out of bed. You can also use the automatic timer setting, and set an hour when the blinds will adjust automatically. So, if you want to sleep more in the morning, you can set the blinds to close automatically. The Sunday sun will not disturb you at all, and you will not have to wake up to adjust the blinds, either. As you can see, operating the blinds with a remote control offers the clearest definition of comfort.

Types of Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds can be made of metal, wood or PVC. Aluminium Venetian blinds are the most stylish and elegant model of Venetians. The slats have a smaller width than wood blinds, so they create a very gentle image. Aluminium blinds might give a cool effect to a room, therefore, they are most appropriate in modern design living rooms or offices. They are also slightly more expensive than, for example, plastic Venetians. But they are more durable, easy to clean and maintain, and more aesthetically pleasing.

Wood Venetians are a great choice in traditionally designed rooms. They give a warm feeling to a room, and they can recreate the atmosphere of a distant past. Wood Venetians have wide slats, and they can also be used as outdoor blinds. Their greatest advantage is the heat and light control they offer. When you close the wood Venetian blinds, they can achieve a blackout effect in the room. Thanks to the natural thermal properties of wood, this type of Venetian blinds can maintain a warm temperature in the room even in the winter.

Last, plastic Venetian blinds are the latest model of blinds, and they are preferred by many customers because of their affordable price and low maintenance. PVC Venetians can be installed in kitchens and bathrooms, also, because they look fashionable and modern, they are resistant to humidity and they can be easily cleaned with soapy water. However, unlike aluminium or wood blinds, plastic blinds can break more easily. The great news is that you can replace the broken slat, without having to replace the whole set of blinds. You can contact us and we will send a new, matching slat to replace the broken one.

We are an experienced firm located in the UK that has created a name through the high quality and low prices of its products. Use our website to find the necessary information about custom made electric blinds, and do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone and ask for details regarding the remote control Venetian blinds we have for sale.

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