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Remote control vertical blinds are definitely the best choice if you want to have great control over the light coming through your windows, heat and privacy inside your own house. For years, vertical blinds have been looked down upon when considering the efficiency and luxury offered by window blinds. Unfortunately, people have underestimated them without any solid proof. In fact, upright blinds are the most elegant and efficient blinds you could ever buy. And electric vertical blinds for windows are now seen as the best blinds on the market.

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Vertical blinds have been quite popular for a while, but their remote control version threatens to become the market leader. The reason is obvious: besides having all the qualities of normal vertical blinds, they are now automated, making things easier and more comfortable for you.

The greatest advantage that the remote control vertical blinds have over any other kind of blinds is the efficient light and temperature control they offer. Considered by many to be the best blinds, thanks to their precise light control, the remote control vertical blinds are easy to operate and to adjust depending on your desires, giving you the ideal amount of sunlight needed for your activities.

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Another great thing about vertical blinds is their aspect. For a long time, they have been considered suitable only for office rooms, since they offered a private and official feeling. But lately, more and more people purchase this kind of blinds for their own houses, because, besides being official and quite sober, they are also elegant and contribute to creating a modern look of the house and rooms. Not to mention that any house-owner would want some privacy once in a while. And what better blinds to offer you your well-deserved intimacy than our remote control vertical blinds?

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Of course, the basic advantage of the hi-tech vertical blinds is that they are remote controlled. Obviously, this means that you do not have to walk around the entire house if you want to close the blinds; just pushing some buttons will do. Still, not all remote controls can be used to adjust any set of blinds in the house from any room; some remote controls still need you to point them to the respective blinds. But even so, it is still easier to push a button while relaxing on the couch or doing chores in the kitchen (if there is a clear way to the respective blinds, for example, the inside doors are open), than having to go to the windows and pull a cord. Furthermore, if you purchase an appropriate remote control, you can group different blinds in the house together. Thus, by pushing the button assigned for a certain group, all the vertical blinds within the group will close, open, or tilt, according to your desires and needs.

Also, RC vertical blinds are automated and can be timed just like other electric or remote control blinds. Still, although most of the electric or remote control blinds have a timer feature, not all of them are automated. In other words, not all blinds close by themselves when the sun is too bright or open when the room needs more sunlight. But the remote control vertical blinds for windows do. And they can also be programmed to close or open at a certain hour.

Another advantage is that the remote control vertical blinds are silent. This means that they will not disturb your work or any other activity with that annoying sound that most of the blinds make. This is also a great thing at night, when you go to bed before closing the blinds. They will automatically close when there is no sunlight left, and they will do it without disturbing your sleep.

As we have said before, the vertical blinds have the best light control properties of them all. They are easy to adjust, either manually or with a remote control, and you can direct the light wherever you want or just away from you, so you can keep watching TV, playing on the computer, or doing your work without being blinded by the sun glare. Also, these blinds can be pulled to the side, or even gathered at the centre, thus allowing you to control the light so that it floods only half or a part of the room, while the other will be left in the shade. This is a great property of floor-to-ceiling vertical blinds.

Prices of remote control windows vary according to several factors. First, it’s the size; then, the material they are made of (plastic, aluminium, wood, or fabric) – plastic is more preferred, since it does not need to be cleaned so often, especially because of the vertical position; on the other hand, fabric is more expensive, but also more exquisite and luxuriant. The third factor is the type of control system you want. Infrared control is cheaper, but you need to point the remote control to the blinds, while the radio control allows you adjust the blinds of the entire house from a single room. You should keep in mind, though, that the remote control has to be purchased separately.

Still, we offer free assistance and advice by phone or online. Also, if you would like to – and we recommend you to do so – you can call us and ask us to come to your house, wherever you are in the UK, to take the windows’ measurements, free of charge. At the same time, we will present you our offer, including the price for the blinds, and the cost of the complete installation. You can also come to one of our stores and see for yourself the various models of remote control vertical blinds that we have for sale, and choose the one you like most or the one that fits your needs, desires and budget best.

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