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Our day-to-day life has been modernized in almost every aspect by technological development, so why not bring your home or office up-to-date by installing our new roller blinds with automation. On top of being modern, these automated blinds will add comfort and style to your life.

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If you are not yet convinced to give up your old curtains and you are reluctant to choosing roller blinds instead, you have to consider our offer. Our online store is sure to give you more than one reason for you to change your mind.

The roller blinds with automation that we provide are good quality products at low budget prices. Moreover, given the development of the automated blinds system, we are able to offer you more than hi-tech devices; we can offer you style and good taste, so you will not be ashamed to have these blinds hanging at your windows.

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Power and Light Control

Our roller blinds with automation are available in 240v, for large models, in 24v for medium sized ones, but can also be battery operated, for those of you who consider power saving. The first type is mainly used at home, with hard-wired automated systems. You can also go for the 24v version, but you should check if you need a radio conversion interface, as the systems that use Somfy receivers need one in order to interface with Lutron or Crestron systems.

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When it comes to style and light control, we can provide different versions of fabric: transparent, translucent, dim out or blackout. According to the amount of sunlight that you want coming through the blinds, you can opt for one of these fabrics.

If you are considering total blackout blinds, these will require extra framework for the side and sill areas, like a channel extrusion. Moreover, you can add studs to the sides in order to prevent the blinds from coming out of their guide rails when you open the window. In this case, you should consider possible fabric distortion.

Design and features

In addition to power and fabric, you should also base your decision on the size and weight of the roller blinds with automation you want installed. The width of the blind also influences the size of the tube and the gauge of the tube wall. If you use a tube that is too small, the flexing might distort the fabric. This could also be an issue if you choose blinds with a long drop. You have to make sure you choose the right cassette or, if you want to, give it up altogether.

Your roller blinds might also need joints if they do not have enough fabric roll. There are fabrics that can be rotated 90 degrees in order to increase their width. If you install horizontal joints, the drop will no longer be limited by the roll width.

You might also encounter problems in the case of long drops, when the fabric tracks off the tube. You can adjust that by using brackets or a small piece of fabric under the opposite ends of the tube to balance it out. This tabbing technique can be useful if the sill of your roller blinds is not even.

Automated Blinds

When it comes to automated systems, your life instantly becomes easier. By attaching a motor to the track or the barrel, controlling your blinds becomes as easy as the push of a button. Whether you choose a wired switch to operate your roller blinds or you want more comfort and you go for the infrared or radio signal remote, the roller blinds with automation are definitely going to help in your everyday activities. You will no longer need to waste precious time manually rolling the blinds.

You just have to push a button and the automated system will do the rolling for you, while you attend more pressing things. You might think this is a luxury or that it is just for lazy people. You should think again. What if you are in a hurry to leave home for work and you do not want to let your furniture, carpets or wall coverings exposed to direct sunlight? Rolling down your blinds might take a few minutes, but with the automated version, it can all be done in seconds.

Moreover, persons that have a reduced mobility can also operate roller blinds with automation, thus proving the usefulness of automated systems in hospitals or homes. If the technology is available, why not use it to your advantage and eliminate unnecessary complications?

Automated blinds also offer more security. There are no loose cords, so, this way, you can ensure a safer environment for your little ones.

Delivery and Measurements

If you are worrying about the blinds matching your windows, you can rest assured knowing that we offer free measurements and we deliver our products all over the UK. Our technicians can visit you anywhere in the country in order to assess the situation and provide the advice you need in order choose the best fitted roller blinds with automation we can offer. We can also supply a large number of roller blinds with automation for offices, schools, hotels or commercial buildings.

Low Budget, High Quality

As for the prices, you need not worry, as we source our products directly from the manufacturers and we are able to offer you good quality at a low cost.

We can assure you that our roller blinds with automation are resilient; they have good mechanics and can also be stylish. You have a wide range of models to choose from, so you can buy the perfect blinds for your house or office. If you cannot find the right type of blinds to decorate your living room, bedroom, kitchen or even your office, we can provide you with custom made ones that will surely fit your needs.

So, the next time you think about choosing the type of blinds you want, consider our offer. Our roller blinds with automation can give you exactly the amount of shade you want, including low prices, a wide range of fabrics and an automated system you will definitely fall in love with.

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