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When it comes to combining style and technology to decorate your home and protect it against powerful sunlight, electric roman blinds with automation should be at the top of your list. This type of blinds combines the hospitable appearance of curtains with the modern, practical features of automated blinds.

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Our online store offers you a wide variety of roman blinds with automation and can provide custom-made blinds, according to your specific needs. If you want to create the perfect environment at home, for your family and loved ones, this kind of blinds is what you should be looking for. You will benefit both from the technology offered as well as from the blinds’ “good looks”. Moreover, you will be able to create a cozy atmosphere, allowing as much light as you want just by pushing a button.

Depending on the fabric that you choose for your roman blinds with automation, you can adapt them to every room in your house, from the more formal appearance of your living room to a more casual one in your bedroom. This way, you will have more flexibility when it comes to decorating your home and you will be able to choose fabrics and textures matching all the other elements in your room.

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Roman Blinds’ Design

In general, roman blinds are made of soft fabrics that hang from transverse tracks in folds and they can be lifted or lowered. Basically, the slats that are attached to the back of the material are connected using a rope. Pulling that rope lifts up the slates and makes the fabric fold.

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The more popular versions of roman blinds are flat blinds and teardrop blinds. The first ones stay completely flat when unfolded, while the latter ones give a wave effect due to the excess fabric. According to the environment you want to set them in, you can choose the flat blinds for rooms that are more official and the hobbled blinds for a warmer aspect in your home. You should also consider that the first type is easier to maintain and clean.

If you want roman blinds with automation for the windows in your office, we recommend choosing the flat version, as they are more sober and have a more official appearance, especially for institution buildings. For your private space, you can use teardrop blinds, which offer a friendlier aspect.

Given the wide variety of materials that can be used for roman blinds, they are more versatile. You can choose linen, cotton, silk or even bamboo. You should also consider the thickness of the fabric and its ability to block sunlight or UV rays, depending on the amount of light you want to let into the room. You can also go for blackout lining if you want more light control. You should consider your options very carefully when it comes to light control, in order to create the perfect ambience.

No matter what fabric you choose, our roman blinds with automation come with a complete and stylish head rail and a modern automated control system.

Measurement Service and Delivery

If you are not sure what kind of roman blinds to choose, we can provide help by sending our specialists anywhere in the UK for measurements and advice, so you can be sure to get perfect fitted shades for your windows. Moreover, we can supply them all over the country. You will receive them pre-programmed, according to the measurements taken, and ready to install.

As for power, our roman blinds with automation come in 24v for the smaller versions and 240v for wider shades. They can be operated either based on a hard-wired switch or using a remote control system. The latter ones offer more mobility and are more practical if you are in a hurry or if you are looking for more comfort.

Moreover, there are roman blinds with automation equipped with an automated timer that offers the benefit of programming when the blind is lifted or lowered. This feature eliminates the trouble of moving the shades up and down every day. Furthermore, you could give yourself a wakeup call by programming the shade to lift with the sunrise for a fresh and delightful start of the day.

You can also go for the more sophisticated versions that offer temperature control, which automatically adjust the amount of light let in the room according to the environment’s temperature.

Comfort, Style and Security

Automated roman blinds are a perfect combination between traditional curtains and modern, hi-tech blinds. There is no better way to have the benefits of style and comfort at the same time. Classic blinds may seem too artificial and unfriendly because they are usually made of metallic or plastic materials. With our range of roman blinds with automation, you can bring technology in your home without having to give up style.

In addition to comfort and style, roman blinds with automation also provide security by no longer needing loose cords, thus, avoiding possible accidents and creating a safer environment for your family.

A Low Cost Solution

When it comes to the prices, we can assure you that our offers are the best out there. Our products are sourced directly from the manufacturers and we provide high quality devices for low budgets. You should not consider automated blinds a luxury. With our offers and discounts, you will surely find the right type of roman blinds with automation for your home or office, as they are made in order to fit your exact needs.

Roman blinds with automation might just be the solution if you want to install shades but are reluctant to go for old fashion or artificial looking models. With this type of blinds, you can have style as well as the benefits of modern technology. You can choose the pattern, texture, thickness and color of the fabric in order to match the furniture, carpets and walls of your room. At the same time, you can have comfort and mobility by using the blinds’ remote controlled system.

Overall, our roman blinds with automation are the best version of shades for you and they come at prices that fit your budget.

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