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Remote control vertical blinds are extremely sought after, not only because of their practical and generally stylish aspect, but also because of the numerous advantages that they can provide: they are easier to install, clean, maintain and use, and, since they are motorized, they are also far more convenient than regular vertical blinds.

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The main problem you will find when searching for vertical blinds with remote control is the price. Most retailers are aware of their popularity, and they try to profit from this by increasing their price. As a result, very few places exist where you can get remote-controlled vertical blinds without having to empty your pockets of money. Fortunately, we can offer you some of the most affordable prices on the internet.

Practical Aspects

One of the best aspects of vertical blinds is the large variety of materials that can be used for manufacturing them. They can basically be made of many types of plastic, metal or fabric. It is the fabric ones that are considered to be the best, however, because of their unique property of filtering UV rays, keeping your home safe, and your plants healthy and protected from harmful, excessive sunlight.

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Electric vertical blinds can also be stacked on either the left or the right side, being capable of 180 degree movement. Together with an accurate wireless control system, this feature can allow you to offer protection for only a specific part of your room, allowing the sunlight to enter freely into the sections where you may need it the most.

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The efficiency and practicality of the vertical blinds with remote control provided by our company is mirrored by the combination of the most elegant designs and the advanced remote controlled features that allow you to accurately control every aspect of the blinds, providing just the needed amount of lighting and temperature that your home may need.

You may also order custom made vertical blinds which can be fitted to windows that do not have a standard shape or size. This is an excellent option, since you can practically fit all your windows with high quality blinds adapted perfectly to blend into the environment without looking out of place.

Another extremely practical aspect regarding vertical blinds is that, besides being easy to install, they have little or no maintenance issues that you have to keep in mind, and they are far easier to clean, since, because of their vertical design, they gather less dust. Also, they will not scratch the surface of your windows so easily.

Technical Ideas for Best Performance

The powerful, yet silent properties of the motors which power the electric vertical blinds we are able to provide are not only designed for reliability, but for comfort, as well.

Apart from the fact that the motors themselves offer smooth and quiet automatic functionality that may be the perfect choice for elderly or disabled people, you also have the option of getting blinds which are made of fabrics with antiphonic properties. These blinds will protect you from the sound outside, and are perfect for controlling temperature and light, as well.

Larger blinds are perhaps more popular because they use a 240 volt power source, while the standard size ones only require a 24 volt battery. The battery power vertical blinds are usually more suitable for smaller windows, so, depending on your needs, they can be an optimal choice.

Electric vertical blinds are simple, efficient and can be an exquisite addition regardless of your interior design preferences. Also, you have the option of choosing functional options based on only what you require.

You don’t have to buy sets of blinds that can be controlled together, for example, if this possibility is not the appropriate choice for your budget. You will find, of course, that motorized vertical blinds that can offer you the possibility of controlling all of them at once from your bed or chair are a much more convenient choice, and we will always be able to provide you with prices that are far more accessible than anywhere else, should you choose this option.

One of the main issues regarding the purchase of some vertical blinds is that they tend to get damaged easily when there is too much wind outside and you leave the windows open for ventilation. You will find that this is not a problem when it comes to choosing the blinds we provide.

The high quality materials that the blinds are manufactured from will ensure long term durability and are made to avoid any of the inconveniences that may come with lesser quality blinds. Let us take a closer look, however, at what we can truly offer you.

Our Offer

The top class remote controlled vertical blinds we are able to offer are perfectly suited both for home use and for their easy installation in offices, schools or hotels. We provide luxurious choices for literally any preference, and we will be able to provide you with the blinds you need regardless of your location within the UK.

We are one of the country’s leading vertical blind suppliers, and our products come from only the best manufacturers in the country. Also, you will be pleased to know that our team of specialists is always at your disposal, willing to assist you in solving any potential problem you may have and in helping you get all the information you need about the remote control vertical shades that you would wish to buy.

There is no guesswork here, since you will be provided with all that you need, and if you own a house with many windows and you would like to fit them with blinds, we can offer you discounts depending on how many sets of blinds you are willing to purchase.

Also, we will offer you suggestions based on your budget and requirements, while trying to find the best combination of style and motorization that we can place at your disposal. Overall, you will find that buying remote control vertical blinds might have been the best choice you have ever made, and the quality of our products will most certainly show as you use them over time.

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