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If you are looking for a hassle free way to control the intensity of the light that enters your room, or any kind of space, and maintain your privacy, timer control blinds are an excellent option for you. With a wide range of motorized blinds available on the market, with a simple push of a button you are always be on top of the room temperature and amount of sunlight that gets in through your windows at any time of the day.

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What Are Motorized Blinds?

Thanks to motorisation, blinds are now the ultimate in sophistication, convenience and functionality. The new technological improvements give us the option of using remote controls or programmers to lower or raise our electrically operated blinds.

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Motorized blinds are the hi-tech accessories built for the ultimate comfort of your home. They offer you best shading solutions to control the sunlight that might bother you during the day, all year long, regardless of the season.They are excellently controlled by remote controls and wall switches, making them safe and easy to use. With different functions, sensors or timers, they are at the same time efficient and fashionable, offering your home a delightful and luxurious atmosphere.

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Electrically operated blinds are ideal for windows that are too large or too high up to reach, and also for disabled people. You no longer need to climb ladders or your furniture, or to stand on a chair to manually operate your blinds. At the mere push of a button, you now have control over the light intensity and temperature in your residence, office, commercial facility, conservatory, hotel, orangery, attic, or any type of enclosed space.

Blinds motorisation is effected with electrically powered tubular motors that are very quiet and compact. They can be connected to your residence or building automation systems and are operated by wall mounted switches, TV-style remote controls, or even over the Internet. Automated Venetian blinds, for instance, can be tilted very accurately, in addition to being lifted or lowered.

You also have a choice to opt for single operation and group operation of motorized blinds that can function either individually or simultaneously. Thanks to the low voltage operation, you can efficiently integrate the systems into your home cinema applications.

What Are Timer Control Blinds?

By installing motorized blinds to your windows, you have the option of adding sun sensors and timer control to the package. This way, you will be able to reduce air conditioning requirements by minimising the heat that comes into your residence or office building, while also taking advantage of the natural solar heat.

While the sun sensors raise and lower your blinds in order to protect your furniture, carpeting, and artwork, the timer control blinds allow you to pre-programme the time of the day when you want natural sunlight to come into your home or office. All you need to do is push a few buttons, and they will execute the command at the appointed time without the need to have any person present in the room.

There is great variety of motorized blinds that offers you a wireless radio frequency programmable timer. You can programme your timer control blinds to operate at the same time every day, but also at different hours.

Why Should You Use Timer Control Blinds?

Timer controls and sun sensors are invaluable in protecting your belongings especially at times when you are not in the area to lift or lower the window shades manually. They can be teamed with motorisation, and are ideal for helping you conserve energy and preserve the desired temperature of your home, or any other kind of premises.

With timer control blinds, you can programme different times per day for your automatic blinds to open or lower, according to your special requirements. For instance, you can set your automatic timer to raise your window blinds in the morning and lower them in the evening, even if you will be missing from home for days.

If your busy schedule makes your home plants suffer from the lack of light, or, just the opposite, from too much sun that may enter your room at certain times of the day, the problem will be easily fixed with timer control blinds. Pre-programming is an excellent way to help you solve your light and room temperature problems instantly, exactly when you need it, even when you are not at home.

Your blinds usually have a function that you can use for security purposes while you are out of your home on holiday. Timer control blinds will be lifted and lowered at random hours in order to give the sensation that somebody is always at home. This is a very important asset for the security of your residence.

Timer control blinds have an added bonus. They are able to control the blinds automatically based on the intensity of sunlight that is hitting a sun sensor. You can select how much light you want to let into your room, and the sun sensors will trigger the blinds to open and shut based on the intensity of the sunlight.

The sun sensor control is a device that is fixed on the window. What it does is measure the intensity of the sunlight and then it feeds this information to the programmable timer, which in its turn controls the window blinds assigned to it.

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