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Venetian blinds with automation have been eagerly sought after by people who want to have a more advanced technological experience while enjoying the comfort of their homes. Not only are Venetian blinds able to offer some of the most intriguing and elegant decoration benefits of all blinds, but they can also be fitted most easily with automated systems, so that they can be programmed to open or close in various instances.

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It may be an interesting and gratifying experience to leave from work, and know that your Venetian blinds have kept your house at an appropriate temperature throughout the day, so that you will not have to start your air conditioning system just to be able to breathe in your own home.

Moreover, with some of the features that the most advanced automated Venetian blinds come with, you can enjoy a quiet Sunday with your family without even having to press any buttons on your remote to adjust the lighting in any of the rooms within your home.

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The Most Important Features

Venetian blinds which have already been fitted with an automation system can be purchased at advantageous prices throughout the UK. Our suppliers offer some of the most advanced technological options in this regard that are appropriate for modern homes.

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Some of the automated Venetian blinds that we can provide you with have all the necessary options to help you integrate them with your home easily, without having to worry about how the colour could potentially fit in with your decoration plans or how the texture of the blinds you purchase might not be entirely adequate when it comes to merging them in with your home’s hospitable and harmonious environment.

Apart from being available in a wide range of colours, they may also come with numerous sizing options, generally ranging from 25 to even 70 mm wooden slats, which will adapt to confer an elegant look to your windows regardless of their size.

The materials can also range from high quality wood, for a more traditional or natural look, to aluminium or various other fabrics designed to be compatible with a more modern, contemporary setting.

The most important features of our Venetian shades with automation, however, are their motorization and programmable features. Some are designed for tilt-only control, being powered by batteries. These are often considered to be most convenient for smaller homes where large, powerful systems are not necessarily needed.

Apart from offering hi-tech control options with either wire-free wall panels or remote handsets, they also come with reliable sun sensors with will effectively take control of the blinds, and tilt them to a perfect angle when the sun is too bright. These sensors can be extremely useful in conveniently reducing the lighting and the temperature in your home, since they will adjust your Venetian blinds without your help.

Along with the quiet operation of the motor and the seamless durability of your new blinds, you will hardly even notice that the blinds are actually operational. Their discrete activity will simply make you feel like you are behind a protective barrier, where the powerful rays of the sun can no longer cause you any type of discomfort.

Converting Manual Blinds to Automated Systems

Apart from buying ready-made automated Venetian blinds, you may also find that various gadgets are available which can provide your existing Venetians with automation options.

An increasing number of manufacturers have noticed that this can offer far more convenience, since people often feel that they have already found the blinds of their choice, and are simply searching for an economical way to motorize them in order to reduce cooling costs and, of course, increase their comfort.

As a result, various systems have been made available which can not only turn regular Venetian blinds into motorized models, but can also be fitted on other types of shades and blinds in order to provide similar functionality at an accessible cost.

The advantages of using such a system are quite impressive. First of all, the functions that some of these systems can offer are strikingly similar to those provided by most automated systems. You can program your blinds to open or shut at specific times, or use a remote control to operate them at your convenience.

The difference is, however, that in case your automated Venetian blinds become damaged, or you simply want to redecorate and buy a different colour or texture that would fit your new decor tendencies in a harmonious way, you can simply change the blinds, and fit the automated home system to work with your new blinds.

Moreover, you can even replace your Venetian blinds with another type of shading product, and the system can still be integrated to work at its peak performance, without any compatibility issues.

The only problem is that this technology is still in its developing stages. Until recently, it has been extremely difficult to combine automation systems with manual blind adjustment systems in such a simple and efficient way. The future is bright, however, and numerous experts are quite confident that such gadgets can be perfected in the future to be adaptable to any types of blinds whatsoever.

Computer Integration

One final feature we will look at regarding electric Venetian blinds is their ability to be integrated with a computer. Now, computers are literally everywhere these days, so you are likely not surprised to hear that some manufacturers have already been able to create such advanced automated systems which can indeed be integrated with a computer, offering numerous additional options to regular automated machines.

In the quest for obtaining a completely automated home, these types of blinds are definitely a step forward. With computerized support, some of them can not only be adjusted to adapt to environment changes, but can also be synchronized with home theatres, cooling, light control or heating systems.

For those who still do not believe that technology can solve every problem, these Venetian blinds with automation systems that can literally do wonders may provide a true challenge in terms of creating new possibilities for progress and a better life.

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