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The vertical electric blinds are part of the big family of electric blinds that can improve the quality of your life. Nowadays, these types of blinds are low-cost and very common in the UK homes. Installing electric blinds in your home can be the first step you take towards an increased level of comfort.

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If you need {vertical} upright electric blinds, we can offer you some great systems. Our blinds are exceptional for offices, schools, hotels, or any other public building, because they confer any space certain finesse, and they are user-friendly too.

They are great for long and wide windows, bi fold doors, glass doors that connect your home with your outside garden, back yard, conservatories, or orangeries. They can be used for regular, bent or sloping windows too. We suggest that you choose electric blinds if you want to enjoy not only their exquisite and futuristic look, but also their simple and efficient handling.

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Some people think that vertical blinds are best for offices and formal environments, but with the variety of colours and textures we have to offer, they can decorate any house perfectly. Different colours can be mixed on the same rail in order to offer you the design that fits your interior and your tastes.

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How Do Vertical Electric Blinds Work?

These blinds are constructed to be attached to a track that is installed on the ceiling. They are not heavy, so they can be mounted on any type of ceiling without producing any deterioration. The blind vanes are connected individually on the track, but they are connected at the bottom by an uninterrupted chain that helps when using and moving the blinds.

The vertical motorised blinds can be linked to your main supply of electrical power, and can be easily managed with a wall switch or remote control. Vertical blinds have two motions: an opening and closing function that moves the blind on the track, and a function that tilts the louvers of the blind as you wish.

The vanes can be pulled altogether to the right or left side or they can be drawn separately. Also, these blinds can tilt completely. However, you can stop each process whenever it reaches the angle you desire and offers you the level of shade you need.

Design Details on the Vertical Blinds

The blinds we offer have various sunlight filtering options. Thus, they can give you exactly the amount of light you need. The blinds can be blackout, dim out, translucent, or transparent. Various materials are used in the manufacturing process, such as fabric, aluminium, wood or PVC. Usually, the width of the vanes is somewhere between 89mm and 250mm. Also, the blinds have a discrete motor so you do not have to worry about the noise.

Why Are the Electric Blinds the Best Solution?

When you choose blinds for your home, style is very important, and the look of vertical blinds makes them resemble drapes or curtains. An important advantage though, is that they accumulate less dust and they are easier to maintain because you do not have to take them down for cleaning.

Another major advantage of the vertical electric blinds is the good coverage they offer. They can cover big surfaces, preventing sunlight to enter directly into a room and they can provide really good privacy for homes. They are easy to use and you do not have to open the whole blind if you need to reach a certain window or a door.

If the room you want to install vertical blinds in has a wide glass window, you will see that during the hot days, because of the powerful sun, the heat may become unbearable. Here is where vertical blinds really come in handy because they radiate the heat and the sun’s rays outside the room.

These blinds have a very accurate system for controlling the sunlight entering a room, they fit perfect in a space with big windows that reach from the ceiling to the ground, and they give a modern look especially if the louvers are narrow. Their simple use makes them perfect for homes or any other premises.

Remote control vertical blinds are safe because any cords that can affect children or pets are removed. Also, in case a louver gets broken, it can be easily replaced without having to replace the whole blind, so you should not be worried. Besides, these blinds are easy to use even by elderly or disabled people.

One little inconvenience that you may find with related to vertical blinds is that they produce some amount of noise when you open them or if the wind is blowing and the window is open. The vertical columns can collide and their swinging can create a little noise.

How to Get Vertical Blinds from Our Company

Our company has some splendid vertical blinds to offer and they can all be made to measure, in order to suit your needs and requirements. If you want to order your blinds from us, contact us and we will send a team of experts at your house or premises to measure your windows. This way, you will certainly have fitted vertical blinds for the desired space. Please keep in mind that the measurements are performed for free no matter where in the UK you live.

After the measurements, we will agree on the dimensions of the blinds, the opening, the type of motor and the price. We will then sign a contract, and when the blinds are ready to be installed, we will deliver them to your address.

We deliver hi-tech blinds all over the UK, so do not hesitate to contact us. Besides, we have low-cost prices and you may even receive a discount because we work directly with the manufacturers.

Therefore, if you have been searching for the perfect blinds online, we can help you. We offer vertical electric blinds that give a dainty and soft touch to every interior and quality services that you will certainly enjoy.

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